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4 Simple Steps To Build An Outdoor Fire Pit In Circular Brick Patio Model

If you want to create an interesting and original feature for your garden, you may consider installing an outdoor fire pit in a circular brick patio.
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If you wish to build an original and interesting feature for your garden, you may consider installing an outdoor fire pit in a circular brick patio. They are designed to heat seating areas, be used as barbecues, and also provide an interesting and attractive feature for your patio. Building an outdoor fire pit in your garden is not a simple task; however, mind that the reward is worth the effort.

Outdoor Fire Pit

Let’s jump straight to the 4 steps of Creating an Outdoor Fire Pit:

1. Design Outdoor Fire Pit And Determine Its Position

The basic thing to consider when building your outdoor fire pit is its position. A fire pit should be located at a distance from the house, plants, and other flammable products. You should also follow any building code legislation that sets limits for bonfires. Then you can start with the design. It will be necessary to build a circular fire pit so that the square bricks acquire a circular shape. Plan this out in pencil before making any final decisions. You should also measure the area where you want the patio fire to go and mark the area on the ground.

2. Construct The Base

If you are laying the outdoor fire pit directly on solid concrete, then you will not have to create a foundation, but for most patio slabs and any other type of surface, you will need to have a circular metal foundation which will prevent it from getting burnt or damaging the yard. This should be in line with the size of your fire pit plus the edges of the bricks. Campfire bases can be purchased from building supply stores, although you may have to pay extra to have them cut to the correct size. Place a layer of sand where the base will go, and then push the sheet metal over it. The sand must extend beyond the metal to provide a surface for your bricks.

3. Lay The Bricks

Lay the first round of bricks around the aluminum base on the edges to form a tight circle. Then, add a layer of mortar. Next, place the second layer of bricks over the first and press the second layer so that there are no places where the mortar can break directly. You can then add more layers of bricks until you have built a wall tall enough for your needs.

4. Finish The Outdoor Fire Pit

To finish the bonfire or outdoor fire pit, all you need is to add firewood in the center of the brick circle you just built. Mond that the firewood pieces should not be taller than the top of the brick. Then you need to add a grid on top of the firewood. This can be hammered over the top of the bricks. You can then add a grate on top of this to allow your patio fire pit to double as a barbecue.

Outdoor Fire Pit

Following these simple 4 steps, you can surely build your outdoor fire pit. However, if you need professional assistance or require a team of professionals to create an outdoor fire pit in your garden, do not hesitate to contact Done Right. Done Right is a team of experienced professionals known for installing and maintaining outdoor fire pits in the landscape all around Florida. If you, too, need some help, contact them right away.

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