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The Evolution of Direct Selling Companies

This way, direct sellers started facilitating social contacts to sell products, just as how winfinith performs the job today!
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The current misconception associated with the terms ‘direct networking’ and ‘direct selling’ might go too deep for this industry to redesign the fundamentals with the same terminology. But if history is taken into consideration, the humble roots of direct selling aren’t confined within the boundaries of the Winfinith Company. In fact, it can be traced way back to centuries ago with the inception of human civilization.

direct selling companies
Direct Selling Companies

The Inception of Direct Selling

In 2000 BC, the Babylonian law (Code of Hammurabi) protected the integrity and welfare of Babylonian direct sellers termed as ‘peddlers’. And in the fifth century A.D., this industry boomed in Greece. During the middle ages, direct sellers contributed to the development of trade. With ‘Yankee Peddlers’ branching out to frontiers of the Canadian territory that brought supplies, the concept became familiar on the American shores too.

Direct selling is a selling tradition that continued succeeding from the 19th to 20th centuries, with more individuals entering the universe and improvising the quality. This way, direct sellers started facilitating social contacts to sell products, just as how winfinith performs the job today!

Direct Selling: The Date-Wise Development of The Industry

Back when people seldom understood the concept of direct selling, the California Perfume Company got introduced. Cut to 1886, and the world better knew Avon by its former name: California Perfume Company! It was because of David H. McConnell how women gained economic independence and control over their families lives. That’s how Avon got recognized as the first and foremost company to offer women the chance of gaining their mode of income.

1951 saw the inception of Tupperware into this industry of direct selling. Since it was a new company, it had to give demos. But ever since they started offering demos, Tupperware realized that they are selling more products through direct selling and demos. That’s when the company decided to amend its selling strategies and leave the retail industry only to focus solely on direct selling.

In 1959, Amway changed the direct selling game. Just how winfinith marketing Pvt ltd makes the business today, Amway introduced a brand new concept. The Multi-Level Compensation Structure had been incorporated by this company, which is now used by multiple companies these days.

Amidst the advent of more companies in direct marketing, the Internet took the industry by storm. With its commercial use getting extremely popular, direct selling companies got the assurance of increasing profit and driving more sales.

Then came, the advancement of revolutionary technologies that introduced the concept of online direct selling! This method gave companies like winfinith an opportunity to target potential audiences through strategies, including digital and email marketing and online catalogues.

The direct selling industry just had to undergo another technological change in the universe. And that said, it was the introduction to social selling. With this concept, directly interacting with the target market got more seamless for companies. This way, they also started expanding their reach through social media platforms.


Since 1855, a lot has changed in the world of direct selling. But for companies like winfinith marketing, implementing technological advancements like blockchain and AI surely is set to bring advanced solutions!

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