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5 Trending Candles That You MUST Consider For Your Next Occasions

Candles are one of those trends and the reason for this is their nice properties like dim luminance and soothing the environment.
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Candles are like the fundamental products that are used for decoration in the whole world now. Made of wax, these products give a nice dim light that sparkles in our eyes. We just love the way it creates a soothing environment and this is why we love them. In the old times, candles have been in use for emergency cases like blackouts or when there was no electricity at all. But with time, people had started using them as decoration pieces. Even when they’re not lit, they still look well placed on shelves or side tables.


Since they are heavily used for embellishing the environment, many brands manufacture them with different designs. They give them stylish looks since they are only made up of wax and it’s pretty easy to give them a custom shape. These nice-looking candles have not become everyone’s favorite and no one resists even a bit before buying them. They get different styles of them according to the purpose because candles have now become a fast-growing trend.

Let me tell you the 5 Types of Candles:

At Homes: Pillar Candles

These candles are highly used at homes not only because of their enticing looks but also the decency in their light. They have a cylindrical shape which is why they are called pillar candles. They don’t need any support, unlike the taper candles that I’m going to mention in a bit. You can get them in different colors and sizes and all of them look super dashing when displayed on the tables and counters at home. These candles are trending at homes and offices mostly.

Taper Candles

Have you seen those candles with stands at homes? They are long and really thin and so they can’t stand on their own. Brands that make these candles sell these candles in a huge number because these are trending so much in the whole world right now. So there’s a huge market looking for these awesome-looking candles to decorate their houses. People use them on different occasions as well such as Hanukkah. But in the end, it’s all up to you which candle type suits your purpose the most. However, taper candles are like all-rounders as they can be used on any occasion and still look decent and compelling. So do you want to follow this trend? Then get yourself some taper candles right now!

Tea Light Candles

Tea light candles are my personal favorite. They’re small, look so genuinely attractive, and make the ambiance much more ecstatic. For a party effect, you can put them anywhere in the house in a bigger number and they will shine out for like 2 hours. Now this is something to pay for, right? They are trending in churches and restaurants to give a divine feeling to the atmosphere. These candles are also famous as teapot warmers or food warmers because of their design and use. So what do you think of this style? Bring them to some use and make this trend go higher and higher. You can get them from almost any store where you can get candles since they are pretty common these days because of their constantly rising demand.

Container Candles

Oh, you can actually say that this is the real trend since I bet that you’ve seen these candles almost everywhere. As the name suggests, these candles are actually non-flammable containers in which the wax is filled. The container has the ability to withstand flames and heat so it doesn’t break or crack. They look so beautiful when lit because of the body they possess. This is exactly why they are trending nowadays, especially in restaurants and churches. Well, to be honest, you can put them anywhere at any time and they will make the environment soothing and gorgeous. You’d love to spend some time there just looking at the areas this candle would be lighting up.

Floating Candles

Now, these are some awesome ones, how could anyone forget these? They’re pretty small and float on water. Yes, that small. You can take a bowl full of water with some white flowers floating on the surface and put these candles beside them. They are surely going to get some serious attention from customers if you’re a store owner or have a brand outlet. This is simply a dashing way of decorating an environment, no matter what it is.


However, if you’re selling these candles as a brand, the best way of doing that is to use candle packaging boxes for it that you can get from Dawn Printing. They can give you some highest-quality boxes that will make your candle business a top-notch one. Learn more about them to make it possible. People will surely build up this trend by buying and using more of these pieces.


There are different types of trends that some people make and then others follow. Candles are one of those trends and the reason for this is their nice properties like dim luminance and soothing the environment. Even when they’re not lit, they still look pretty decent and attractive. You can keep them anywhere in your house, your store, restaurant, church, anywhere! They will surely make the environment enticing and people will love spending time there more than usual. Using different types of candles is surely a trend these days and seriously, you need to get some of these. They can actually release your stress and make you relax with their visual effects and scent.

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