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15 Mind Blogging Twitter Marketing Hacks For Brands That Actually Work

Twitter is a perfect platform to interact and get more customers to produce huge leads. Let's see the mind-blowing marketing hacks for your brand or
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Twitter is a microblogging social media platform. It is the most used social media network, with over 340 million users active every month. The above 6k tweets are sent every second, which is over 550 million tweets per day. A report says that 66% of B2C and 76% of B2B businesses are doing Twitter marketing to grow their business or brand, which is higher than any other social media networks except Facebook. Promoters know very well about the value of Twitter marketing for business. Twitter is a perfect platform to interact and get more customers to produce huge leads.

twitter marketing hacksTwitter Marketing Hacks

Let's see the mind-blowing marketing hacks for your brand or business on Twitter.

Make a Brand Profile

You want to create a business account on Twitter. A business account should have all the details, contacts, and mentioning your brand's social media. There need to be tweets and pictures that relate to the services or products. The user reviews about your business can be your profile part on Twitter. Twitter profile plays a significant role in maintaining its brand image.

Give Feedbacks

It would be best if you gave attention to the customer reviews about your products or services. It makes an image of a caring brand and attentive.

Grab The Customers

Get your valuable customers by their tweets on Twitter. Keep on searching for the related tweets. If someone shows dislike to your competitor products, pick the opportunity, and market your product there.

Use Twitter Analytics

Twitter analytics is a tool that gives your tweets performances. You can also analyse your customer's gender, occupation, status, interest, buying behavior, etc. With these data, you can alter your marketing strategy. Monitoring data on Twitter will be excellent practice for your brand or business.

Retweet More

Resharing of any Twitter tweets is retweets. Your customers will retweet your Twitter tweets if they like your content. Also remember that reciprocating is human psychology. So you can maximize Twitter retweets for your content when you retweet others’ content.

retweet more
Retweet More

Customer Service

On Twitter, you can ask people about their problems as a tweet. Solve their issues through the comments. And if you aren't able to fix their problems, mention that you will give a solution to your problems by explaining it. It is an incredibly valuable thing on Twitter as not only solving your customer's issues, but it also shows how you are taking care of your customers.

Monitor The Competitors

Monitor your competitor's activity on Twitter. Note their customer service, customer's problems, marketing strategy, etc. You can make your marketing strategy to overtake your competitors on Twitter.

Post Trending Content

Trends will boost your company's online presence. Trends have a time limit, so you want to work it at the correct time. You can pick the best marketing ideas and products with the help of the trends. You can also upload anything that relates to your services or products and the trend. If you work well with your post, then it goes viral.

Do Keyword Research

You can get many for your business or brand with the help of many online free tools. Finding great keywords helps you to reach the targeted audience for your business.

Pin Your Tweets

You can also pin your tweets. If someone visits your profile, they will get your pinned tweet as a first tweet. It helps to pin your promotional tweet and supports the people to know about your service or product.

Join With Influencers

Influencers on Twitter are the best source for many companies as they bring potential customers to your brand. So, please search for the right influencers in your industry, with good objective terms, and hire them to boost up your brand.

Frequent Updates

Please don't go away from your Twitter account for a long time because it breaks your brand image. Upload unique content frequently about your services, other updates, and products.

Create Your Own Hashtag

Use the right hashtag on Twitter that relates to your content. It helps your content available to a significant audience. It takes a high responsibility in spreading a brand among huge audiences. Research your hashtag keywords first. Hashtags on Twitter are a critical factor for the posts on Twitter.

Leverage Twitter Ads

You need to take advantage of the Twitter advertisements to get the most audience for your business or brand. Ads on Twitter are very cheap. Twitter features different ads such as promoted accounts, promoted trends, promoted tweets, or website source to grow your blog or website traffic. You can also use the App card ads on Twitter to increase the downloads of an app. It helps you to produce conversions and quality leads.

Twitter Benefits For Brand Promotion and Marketing

1. Bring massive traffic to your website

You can bring more traffic to your websites because Twitter is the perfect platform for the audience's engagement. The need to work hard to bring more traffic from the platform. You should update nearly ten tweets each day to acquire high engagements for your content.

2. Grow your business 

Twitter is the golden platform to do this. You can receive high profiles on Twitter from any industry. And also, it is simple to connect with anyone. It is like messaging someone, but your tweets are made public. It is also easy to grow your brand reputation and improve your SEO.

grow your businessGrow Your Business


Twitter is an enormous platform with various features than you think. That's why companies tweet you if you have issues. Use all the hacks mentioned above to generate more leads, interrelate with your audience, and build your business.

Author Bio

Kaira Ralph works at  Rousesocial as a social media strategist and a content writer. She contributes a lot of articles focusing on the latest social media trends to many blogs across the web. Her passions involve reading, painting, and traveling.

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