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How To Position Your Brand In The Minds Of Consumers?

Do you want your brand to be positioned in the top of mind of consumers? To be the customer's first thought, you will need a strategy.
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Do you want your brand to be positioned in the top of mind of consumers? To be the customer's first thought, you will need a strategy. Currently, this is not such a simple job, since there is a lot of competition. However, it can be done with a good plan.

Today the best way to be in the minds of consumers is to be present on the Internet. Either having a website, blog, or immerse yourself in the different social networks. This does not sound so complex, but the hard work is in being among the first options in the universe of online commerce.

 Branding Your Business

So if you really want to reach the top of mind, you will need to work hard. The results may not be immediate, but if you plan a good medium-term strategy you can achieve your goal. The idea is that you can always keep people's purchase options.

Top Of The Mind

Perhaps at first, the meaning of these words cannot be understood, but if you go deeper it is easily interpreted. It's about being on that first thought of consumers when a need arises.

A very simple example could surely be that when they talk to you about soft drinks, the first brand that comes to mind is Coca-Cola. And it has a lot of logic since this is one of the most recognized worldwide. The same happens with many other valuable brands.

But surely you wonder what are the factors that influence this reaction of the mind? And the truth is that there can be several, such as the coverage you have. This means if it is at the national level or if it crosses borders. As well as the reinforcement of the brand identity and the knowledge you have about your target audience.

Importance of being in the mind of the consumer

It is no secret to anyone that you currently have access to information around the clock. This is because people spend much of their time connected to the Internet. Social networks have become one of the most prominent sources of electronic commerce, which increases the consumption of brands through these channels.

So what happens if your company is not well positioned or does not have a presence on these digital platforms? The answer is obvious, you will not be in the minds of consumers. Of course, traditional media also enter into this diffusion or promotion of the brand.

How do you expect to be in people's minds if you don't show yourself? That is the key question you should ask yourself since to sell and be recognized, you first have to expose yourself. The competition within this world and in the different market niches is very great, so you must be very well prepared.

position your brand in the minds of consumers
Position Your Brand In The Minds Of Consumers

Basically, the importance of being a top of mind is that buyers take you as a reference. In this way, you achieve an aspirational status and position yourself in their mind. This does not imply that they will frequently buy your products or services, since there are financial factors that can influence, but if you will be among their first options.

Becoming a "top of the mind" brand

The time has come for you to learn how you can position yourself in the minds of consumers. It is true that it is not easy work, but it is not impossible either. You just have to apply the right strategies and you will achieve it. If you don't know where to start, then look at the following tips that will surely help you:

1. Invest in Branding

The first thing you should do is build your brand and for this, you will need a good branding strategy. Keep in mind that this will take time, being at the top is not something that happens from morning to night. The key is that you constantly reinforce it, since you must adapt to the continuous changes in consumption.

For this process, it is essential that you have well defined your values, as well as the vision and mission. This undoubtedly is the basis for creating a strong brand identity. In this way, communication with your audience will be easier and they will identify with your company.

Executing a good strategy will help you create emotional bonds with clients. This will not only help you attract new customers but also keep them with you for a long time. What you want to achieve with this is that the consumer knows you and has you as a reference when making an offline or online purchase.

2. Define your Buyer Persona

Think that the first judges of your brand will be the users that make up your target audience. Therefore, everything you do has to be oriented to their needs. You can have an excellent strategy, but if it fails to satisfy consumers, then you will fail.

For this reason, it is so important that you define your buyer persona. This will be the centre of your brand. You have to know it in-depth, know what they prefer to be able to offer it. Remember that your positioning is directly related to the audience you want to reach, because it is in their mind that you should be.

You can help yourself by conducting market research and satisfaction surveys. This will give you the answers you need to know to reach the right people who will really care about your brand. This way you can have a better understanding of your audience, which contributes to their identification with your company.

3. Create Valuable Content

One of the steps for your brand to position itself not only on the web but in the minds of your customers is to create valuable content. Currently, most of the consumption is done online and you have to take the opportunity to transmit the message in the indicated way.

Words have great power in people's minds and, therefore, you must work to find the right ones. Ideally, when people read your content they relate it to you without having to see the brand. You have to analyze the competition, not to copy yourself, but to give your message a twist and make a difference

4. Provide Quality Products

The content plays a very important role in your strategy, but the words must be accompanied by the facts. This means that the same thing that you offer on your website or social profiles, must be reflected in your products. Do not make the mistake of referring offers, because you will probably stay in the customer's mind, but in a negative way.

Keep in mind that, for branding to work properly, it must be aligned with the quality of the products and services you provide. This will give your business more credibility and save you from the hard time that comes with having a brand crisis.

Think of it this way, your products are what speak of your brand, that is, if they do not have quality, the comments will be negative. Logically, if what you offer meets the expectations of consumers, you will have no problem positioning yourself in their top of mind.

5. Transmit Credibility

This aspect goes hand in hand with the two previous points since if your content is not reflected in the products, you will immediately lose credibility. For example, if you offer eco-friendly products, you have to sell exactly what you are promoting. Otherwise, you would be aiming for your own failure.

You need to align three factors for you to be successful in this step, which is: branding, target audience, and the product. If you achieve this, the rest will flow without problems, you will gain the credibility you require to be a reference in the minds of consumers.

6. Focus your Strategy on Loyal Customers

It's easier to stick with a frequent customer's mind than a new one. Therefore, it is necessary that you focus your strategy specifically on them. The idea is that you keep them faithful over time. They will be the ambassadors of your brand since they will not hesitate to recommend it to their family and friends.

position your brand in the minds of consumers
Position Your Brand In The Minds Of Consumers

Once loyal customers start advertising you voluntarily with word of mouth, you will see how new consumers arrive. So work hard to please those who buy from you frequently.

7. You have to Always be Present

Certainly, the goal of top of mind is that your brand is remembered. However, it does not mean that it should remain as a simple memory of something that was good. Ideally, you should stay present in the day-to-day life of consumers, even if they do not buy from you daily, you must show them that you are still there for them.

Being in every day gives you the possibility to remain a reference. So post content frequently, whether it's promotional or informational. Do studies and surveys that help you measure customer satisfaction. You have many options at your advantage.

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Vikram Rana is Marketing Manager at LiftnGift and has served as the Head of Conversion Marketing at Planet Web Solution. He's an expert in inbound marketing and lead generation.

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