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A Pro’s Guide On How To Fix A Tripped Fuse

We have an amazing electrical team for tripping circuit repairs, socket replacement, repairs, and several other electrical works.
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It has always been said that it is better safe than sorry. We have always been told never to hesitate to call on an experienced and qualified electrician to rectify any electrical issue that may come up, in order to avoid electrical disasters and electrocution. While this is the safe thing to do, there are still some tasks we can handle on our own, provided we know how to do it.
tripped fuse
Tripped Fuse

One of such small task is a tripped fuse or socket. The first thing you should remember when handling a tripping circuit is to cut or shut down the power source. This will prevent any accident that could be disastrous, and at the same time, protect you while you’re working.

Tripping Fuse Or Switch? What Is It All About?

In every home, there are consumer units or boards with fuses or trip switches. Depending on the age of the house, they can either be fuse holders for old houses, which blow up when they are bad or faulty; or they can be circuit breaker fuse system for modern houses, and when there is a fault somewhere, they trip the switch and break the circuits. If you live in an old house, and its fuse has been blown, the best thing to do would be to replace the blown fuse through the services of an electrician.

However, if there is a tripped switch in a more recent house, you can sort it out yourself if you know what you’re doing.

Handling A Tripped Fuse

If there is a tripped switch, remove the cover of the consumer unit, and see which one it is, and try switching it back on. If it trips off again, then it means there is an underlying problem that needs to be fixed.

Finding The Fault

Take note of the fact that any of the following can be responsible for the tripping fuse
  • Faulty connections
  • Overloaded circuits
  • Multiple appliances being used at once
  • Blowing up of bulbs
  • Worn out or weary connections
You can verify any of these by checking every one of the sockets and light bulbs and taking note of the ones that are not working. Once you have found out the faulty, bad, or damaged circuit, switch or plug that is not working, unplug anything that has been plugged to it, and leave it alone. Get an electrician to replace or fix it as quickly as you can. If it is a faulty plug or fuse that you can replace, do so, but call an electrician to have a look at it afterward. While doing so, avoid tampering with the electrical company’s fuse or seals.

If you find yourself dealing with tripping fuses, you can reach out to us at Electric Works London for help. We have an amazing electrical team for tripping circuit repairs, socket replacement, repairs, and several other electrical works. Give us a call today on020 71834006 for electrical emergencies and normal electrical service.

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