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5 Brazilian Desserts To Satiate Your Taste Buds On Your Birthday This 2020

A birthday celebration in Brazil is never complete without trying their authentic desserts and sweets.
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When it comes to birthday celebrations, Brazil has never failed to surprise everyone by offering a lot in terms of cuisines. Sweets, desserts, and candies of Brazil highlight the local ingredients and products. Brazilian dessert items will make you float in a sea of sweets, and you’ll never regret sinking in that sea of delicious flavours. Brazilian people have amazing dishes that everyone across the world needs to try at least once in their lifetime. If you or your best friend’s birthday is approaching soon, you can delight your closed ones with a delicious combo of happy birthday cake and Brazilian desserts. Brazilians love all sweet things and eat a candy or two with every meal. So if you want to satiate your taste buds on your birthday,

brazilian desserts
Brazilian Desserts

Check out some amazing Brazilian desserts that you should try at least once in your life:

1. Yum-yum Brigadeiro

Brigadeiro is the national truffle of Brazil that holds the top place in the hearts of the Brazilians. If you’re in Brazil, you cannot give this delicious Brigadeiro a miss. It is a soft and fluffy chocolate dessert present in all celebrations. Made with cocoa and condensed milk, this dessert is easy to make but hard to perfect. Huge amount of chocolate sprinkles as the outer layer turns into the decadent, creamy, and lip-smacking chocolate truffle that melts in your mouth and leaves you asking more.

2. Flavorous Canjica

This delicious dessert from Brazil will soothe both your eyes and tongue as it has a moist and creamy texture in the colour of white. This dessert is quite similar to porridge, as it has to be cooked in milk. Nuts and fruits can be added to enhance the flavour of this delicious dessert.  Brazilians have this dessert both traditionally and occasionally. Therefore you can opt for online cake delivery services to avail of this delicious dessert in your place.

3. Savory Beijinho

A birthday party in Brazil never completes without biting this Brazilian sweet candy. Beinjinho de coco, literally means ‘little coconut kisses’, is made with condensed milk, coconut, and sugar. It is hard and crunchy on the outside, and soft coconut filling inside. With the goodness of coconut in every bite, perfectly complemented by the sweetened condensed milk, this Bejinho dessert are the stars of every birthday party in Brazil.

4. Lip-smacking Quindim

It is a Brazilian coconut custard cake that is traditionally made with egg yolk, sugar, and ground coconut. It is one of the most popular Brazilian desserts that look so eye-pleasing that you can’t resist trying them out the moment you set your eyes on them. Presented as an upturned half-sphere with a lustrous surface, this highly popular dessert is intensely sweet, dense-textured, and very addictive. The mould is lined with melted butter or glucose syrup for rich taste and extra smoothness, making it a household favourite of the country. This dessert is sometimes presented in a large donut mould called quinado and served as slices.

5. Mouth-watering Bolo de Rolo

It is simply a Brazilian roll cake painstakingly prepared with numerous fine layers of cake alternated with scrumptious fruit filling. This flavoursome Brazilian delicacy is traditionally prepared with rich guava paste between the thin layers of cake. Counted amongst the most lip-smacking Brazilian desserts, making this one needs a lot of skill and patience to ensure the layers are thin and distinguishable clearly.

brazilian desserts
Brazilian Desserts

A birthday celebration in Brazil is never complete without trying their authentic desserts and sweets. Therefore, if you’re planning a birthday trip to Brazil, make sure that you try these items at least once.


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