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What Can Be The Best Color Temperature For Your Landscape Lighting?

If you are dealing with landscape lighting for the first time at your place in Hollywood then this is the right color temperature you need to light up your home well.
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There is no doubt in the fact that outdoor lighting does not only serve to enhance the aesthetics of the exterior but it also adds up as a safety element and can change the overall feel of your home. However, if you’re looking to light up an outdoor entertainment center, pool, or just the walkways, there is one important element called as the “right color temperature” when it comes to landscape lighting in Hollywood.

landscape lighting
Landscape Lighting

But what really is color temperature and how can you really know which one is appropriate for your place? While these are two of the most basic questions that would be in your mind right now, we are providing you a simple color temperature guide as a solution to help you figure out the perfect light color.

What Does Color Temperature Mean?

To be precise, color temperature is linked to the kind of shade/color the bulbs are supposed to give when switched on as a part of the outdoor lighting at your place in Hollywood. This temperature is measured in degrees Kelvin. Furthermore, the lower the kelvin number is, the warmer the light would be.

Below are also more details related to the color ranging scale for LED lights.

2000K-3000k: Within this temperature range, you get a nice and very cozy white lighting. This also results into a calm and intimate atmosphere which we all wish for in our outdoor living rooms and kitchens.

3100K-4500K: This temperature range will get you a really cool white light. At this temperature range, your lights are vibrant and bright, while giving a clear look of the place where they are installed at. This kind of light is perfect for places like stairs, sheds, or outdoor workshops because with this color temperature the light remains focused and makes individuals to remain attentive. 

4600K-6500K: If you want to replicate natural daylight or moonlight at your place, this is your temperature to go. This provides a crisp and clear view, along with great attention to detail and the range’s ability to draw people’s attention to one central point of the house. This color temperature is usually used for security lighting; to light up the garage or even gorgeous water decorations as well.

Where Can You Use Certain Color Temperatures?

Of course, it can be hard to imagine what a certain color temperature would look like at your desired spot in the house and especially if you are new to the concept of how lights come in different shades and color temperatures. In fact, together, it becomes extremely difficult to make the right call while considering all the factors that can contribute in the best outdoor Landscape Lighting Hollywood at your place.

So, keeping the ordinary homeowners in mind who might have zero knowledge, about lights, we have listed down recommendations that can be best for you.

For Elements on Display

If you happen to have wonderful statues, stonework or even stone fountain in your garden then we would suggest you to go for 2000K-3000K range. This is because warm light temperatures work best in entertainment areas and hence when combined with the cooler looks of your stone you get the feeling of calmness.

On the other hand, we would also not suggest you to go for colder light temperatures in between the range of 4600K-6500K as that would make your stones look very spooky and won’t settle well with the surroundings. That can only be a great lighting idea if Halloween is coming soon.

Outdoor Living

First of all, you need to be very clear about the purpose of your outdoor entertainment area which usually is to create a calming atmosphere when guests or your family wants to enjoy the outdoors. Under such circumstances again, warm lights can serve to be the solution you need (withing 2000K-3000K). The best part about such lights is that they are neither too harsh on the eyes and also provide ease for everyone to move around the exterior more safely.

landscape lighting
Landscape Lighting
Moreover, if you want to imagine the look and feel of such lighting more precisely, then think about sitting next to a fire pit. That is the exact warm glow that you will get with warm lighting.


If your plants are all grown up and you want to show them off in the best possible way, then white LED lighting within the range of 3000K-4000K would make your hard work with the plants shine bright. This neutral light would successfully provide a more natural look of your plants at night and will even contribute in letting plants show off their true magical colors as well.
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