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Create Your Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy In 7 Easy Steps In 2020

you can familiarize yourself with 7 key steps your business must contemplate taking to fabricate a gainful social media marketing strategy.
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Social media is a significant marketing channel irrespective of business sizes. A typical social media marketing strategy is a synopsis of all things you aim to create and accomplish on social media. It helps steer your actions and gives you knowledge of where your strengths and shortcomings lie. If you can make a more specific strategy, the effectiveness of its execution will increase correspondingly.

social media marketing strategy
Social Media Marketing Strategy

In this post, you can familiarize yourself with 7 key steps your business must contemplate taking to fabricate a gainful social media marketing strategy.

1. Take stock of your existing social media prominence

Before you outline and execute your social media marketing strategy, quickly glance through where exactly you’re placed in so far your social media presence is concerned. Some of the areas you need to consider while assessing the social media presence of your business include:
  • Information of the social media platforms you’re currently on
  • How optimized are your social media platforms?
  • From which platforms are you gaining maximum value?
  • Your social media profiles vis-a-vis those of your competitors

2. Formulate a social media marketing mission statement

Your future course of action will be propelled by a well-thought-out social media mission statement. Therefore, ensure you deliberate in depth while getting it defined. The statement should clearly pinpoint the plans and objectives to seek recourse to your social media presence. The statement should mirror the uniqueness of your brand in its entirety. Besides, keep your ideal customer base in mind while creating the mission statement.

After you have done proper documentation of the statement, you can effortlessly settle on the things to create and share to further bolster your social media marketing strategy. If they fail totally with your mission statement, the strategy won’t make the grade. As people usually follow experts and not generalists, businesses that do random posting on social media without an underlying directorial mission will eventually flunk.

3. Keep a record of your intended customers

You need to be extremely precise with this part. Let’s say if you identify “senior citizens” in general as your targeted audience base, the results you derive would be nothing extraordinary. But if you pinpoint your ideal customers like senior citizens of the United States, aged between 60 and 90, earning retirals more than $60,000 per annum, having diabetes, and mainly uses Facebook, your success in identifying the intended audience will double up.

Even the most proficient marketers will miss the mark if their social media marketing strategy is aimed at appealing to the wrong audience. Get to know the following information to understand a more focused buyer persona.
  • Age
  • Income
  • Location
  • Most used social networking site
  • Pain points which your business can get to the bottom of
  • Profession

4. Create, organize, and present engaging content

Unfortunately, numerous businesses make their first leap right into this step. There are already a number of key steps that need to be taken before you create and curate engrossing content to be shared on several channels of your social media.

By now you’re pretty aware of the information about your target customers using which you’ll be able to formulate the mission statement of your social media marketing strategy. When you’re equipped with this information it would be simple to create and curate content using professional knowledge. Here are some instances of content that you can generate.
  • Articles
  • Blog posts
  • Company news
  • EBooks
  • Images
  • Infographics
  • Interviews
  • Videos
In fact, the types of content are endless. However, see to it that your focus lies only on types of content that are in conformity with not only your mission statement but also your idiosyncratic skill set. It’s content that eventually powers up social media. So it’s critical that you take creating the finest quality absorbing content into account on the foremost priority.

As part of implementing a robust social media marketing strategy, experts recommend setting up a content calendar that delineates:
  • The frequency at which you’ll be posting to each platform
  • The various topics you’ll be intending to share
  • The exact time when you’ll be sharing your topics

5. Identify key success metrics

How will you gauge if the efforts you put into the plan and execute your social media marketing strategy are doing well? In fact, it’s not just about gaining followers more and more. It’s also about how profitable the endeavors are. After all, it’s hard to give a good reason for something that fails to improve your bottom line even after investing plenty of time and resources.

A few of the metrics worth considering measuring the success of the social media marketing of your business include the following.
  • Brand mentions
  • Conversion rate
  • Overall reach
  • Sentiment
  • Total number of shares
  • Total time spent on the website

6. Put in your resources in a powerful social media management tool

The majority of adept marketers take maximal advantage of social media tools for boosting their productivity. Without leveraging powerful tools, the marketers will be forced to contend with relentless burnout. As far as the implementation of a systematic social media marketing strategy is concerned, the necessity of tools is of paramount importance as they help upraise your efforts with aplomb and ease.

A standout among the many benefits of a social media management tool is its ability to have posts slated to be published ahead of time. Also, make certain your scheduled posts align perfectly with your content calendar.

7. Track, evaluate, and adjust your strategy

This may well be the most important step as far as succeeding on social media platforms are concerned. Relying heavily on trial and error is something that even the social media pundits undertake. Although the process appears to be basic, keeping track of your results, reviewing your data, and then tweaking them to optimize are crucial elements of social media marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing Strategy
Social Media Marketing Strategy

Each of the previously mentioned steps needs a re-assessment once you’re thru analyzing the outcomes of your social media marketing efforts. Allow the data that you fetch and fathom drive you. If your analysis points out that Facebook or Twitter are the channels that offer you maximum efficacy, consider strengthening your commitment to that particular social media marketing strategy or course of action.


A compelling social media marketing strategy isn’t available immediately. It needs to be specially created or devised through progressive work that’s liable to change if necessary. So embark on your journey of ensuing and carrying out optimization as you keep on growing and acquiring more knowledge about your business and customers.

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