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An Ultimate Gift Guide to Christmas Gadgets 2019

we are already bracing ourselves to enter 2020, let us celebrate this season with some Christmas gadgets. In a tech-savvy world, today, gadgets for Christmas will come as an impeccable, unique, thoughtful, and trendy present.
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It is that time of the year when most of us are already scratching our heads to find the perfect presents for our loved ones. This is an activity that we have been doing for years; therefore, it is only natural that we run out of ideas every year. Books, keepsakes, perfumes, and other similar gift items have already been done to death. Since this holiday season, we are already bracing ourselves to enter 2020, let us celebrate this season with some Christmas gadgets. In a tech-savvy world, today, gadgets for Christmas will come as an impeccable, unique, thoughtful, and trendy present.

Here are some cool Christmas gadgets that you can buy for your loved ones this season: 

1. Keychain Charger    

Keeping your phone running and having a backup charging device is one of the biggest hassles and problems of the tech era. We exist in an age where our smartphones tend to be our key lifelines after water and oxygen. Most of us cannot afford our phone batteries going down, leaving us disconnected from the world. Unfortunately, smartphones are machines, and there is only a limited running time for a battery. People who are out particularly for long hours suffer from this problem the most. A keychain charger is the perfect solution to the challenge and will make a unique Christmas present. It is a fashionable USB charger embellished with elegant leather tassels and can be snapped on any keychain. All you need to do is to plug in your phone whenever you need to recharge it anywhere anytime.

2. Stroller Hook Charger

Only a parent would understand the pain of handling a child while carrying your bag and also panicking because your phone's battery icon has gone red. Although portable phone chargers have been around for quite a while, they are still not very practical for parents who cannot have yet another device to carry. A stroller hook charger can be a real blessing in disguise under such situations. All it takes is to snap the charger designed as a stroller hook on the stroller. The charger is designed to be able to carry up to 25 pounds and is a fantastic Christmas gift for any tech-savvy parent.

3. Amazon Smart Plug

Imagine how happy will your special one be when they will walk into their homes all exhausted and will have their lights turned on, and appliances work just by voice command. The magic of Alexa that comes with the Amazon smart plug is one of the coolest gadgets this year. This snap-and-stall device costs roughly 24 bucks, which makes it not only cool but also an incredibly pocket-friendly gift idea. 

4. Digital Photo Frame

At times a single photo is just not enough to convey the story of emotions and excitement that you wish to express. However, it does not make sense to give someone with a set of two dozen picture frames. A digital picture frame is designed to run a slideshow of multiple pictures at a time. It can also run audio and video files. That means you can now pre-load your favorite set of images and present your storyboard to your loved one, to be rested on their walls for life. 

5. Fitbit

Fitbit is a dream gadget for any fitness freak. It is also very useful for people struggling with medical issues and needs to keep their vitals in check. This cool smartwatch can show your heart rates, sleep quality, sleep duration, how much did you move, pulse, calories burned, and a lot of other things. Whether you have a child who is an aspiring athlete or an old parent struggling with cardiac ailment, they will always love you for this marvelous Christmas present this year.

6. Campark Waterproof Action Camera

If you are looking for chrism, at gadgets for someone who is high on adrenaline and would love to have their moments captured in the best possible manner, look no further than this revolutionary photography device. The Campark camera is a study 4K high-resolution camera. Whether you are planning to capture your next scuba dive or planning to skydive from thousands of feet above sea level, they will always remember how thoughtful you were throughout their adventures.

7. Philips Hue Wake Up Alarm Clock

Waking up early at sunrise by far has to be the most painful task that one has to pull off. Probably, waiting endlessly for the traffic signal to go green would still be easier than responding to those painful alarm sounds piercing through your ears into your brain and snoozing them for five more minutes of peace. Unfortunately, we cannot change much about the need to wake up everyday to kickstart a new day. However, we can make the ordeal turns into a breeze so that you can wake up easily with a fresh and positive mind. This smart alarm clock has multiple wakeup options and makes use of natural sounds and lights to enable you to wake up easily in the morning. This is a perfect Christmas gadget for all your sleeping beauties and even men with exhaustive work schedules. 

8. HP Sprocket Select Portable Photo Printer

HP has always owned the printing game, and this photo printer stands true to its brand. This tiny portable device is a revolutionary addition in the world of photo printing. It can connect easily with your laptop or phone and can edit and print great quality pictures. This photo printer is not only an excellent present for anyone who is a selfie freak and loves to have hard copies of their beautiful moments but also a bomb for crafters.  

9. Nespresso Virtuoso Plus Coffee Machine

If you have a loved one who cannot imagine a day without coffee, surprise them with this king of all coffee solutions. The Nespresso coffee machine is a straight-from-the-heavens present for an Espresso lover who would go to any lengths to get a steaming cup of sweet Espresso. They will thank you forever for enabling them to enjoy a Barista-grade coffee every morning right in their home. 

10. Parrot Mambo Drone

Owning a drone is a dream for anyone who has even an iota of interest in photography and flying quadcopters. The Parrot Mambo drone is the perfect example of size does not matter and is an amazing fun drone that can fit in your palms. This plastic drone can be easily piloted using your smartphone and has multiple cool options for any techie to explore.
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