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Seasonal ECommerce Marketing Campaigns You Need To Do In 2020

Let’s look into some seasonal eCommerce marketing campaigns that every E-Commerce Development Agency is focusing to do in 2020.
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Consumer behavior doesn’t remain constant and keeps evolving over time. But we can’t deny the fact that there comes a certain time in a year where consumers’ buying behavior is the same. The seasonal campaign is not about raising your product to the consumers' merits, rather focusing on spreading awareness about your brand/product. The seasonal campaign is built around attracting your audience. Moreover, your promotional messages should be based on the spirit of the season.
ECommerce Marketing Campaigns You Need To Do In 2020
ECommerce Marketing Campaigns You Need To Do In 2020

Let’s look into some seasonal eCommerce marketing campaigns that every E-Commerce Development Agency is focusing to do in 2020:

1. New year’s campaign

On the eve of the new year, people are generally enthusiastic about making their new year better than the previous one. They make resolutions about getting fit & healthy, maintain their appearance, managing their finances, and learning new skills & hobbies.

You can introduce a subscription-based service to generate huge revenue. Your marketing strategy should be worked around the spirit of the season.

One great way is to offer subscription boxes. Plan your inventory and pricing cautiously for these subscription boxes, as your overall profits will be a bit tight if you offer the subscription on a bi-annually or yearly basis. You can also partner up with a third-party who will be responsible for providing samples and deliveries. But this method has one downside as well that you won’t have much control over what subscribers would be getting inside the boxes.

2. Use referral apps for valentines day

After the eve of the new year, the 2nd big occasion is valentines day and it is a great opportunity to boost your eCommerce store sales. This Valentine's day, you can introduce referral apps to spread awareness regarding your products. Even after a lot of advancements in the marketing field, word of mouth is still a very strong way to advertise your products.

Use your previous clients as a source to spread the word of mouth about your products.

On the eve of Valentine's day, it's effective to remind your clients that if they enjoyed purchasing a product from you - then they should come back to purchase something and refer their friends to your store as well.

Referral applications can help to compel your customers to refer your products to their peers. You can introduce referral awards and loyalty points for those customers who recommend your products to their friends. Valentine's day is a must occasion when it comes to running seasonal campaigns and Every E-Commerce Development Agency focuses on this occasion.

3. Women’ Day

Women have become the leaders of today they are more empowered than ever. So, it is your time to go big on this Women’ day and run a proper seasonal campaign on the eve of Women’ day 2020. Particularly, you can target your male audience and previous male clients and tell them your special offers which they can avail to surprise their lovely ladies.

Your marketing strategy on the Women' day 2020 should revolve around the spirit and color of this particular occasion. Present all your products in purple color as it is the color of this occasion. Women’ day is very popular among every-Commerce Development Agency when it comes to running seasonal campaigns.

4. Mother’s Day

On this Mother’s day in 2020, try to achieve as big as you can by perfectly running your seasonal eCommerce marketing campaign. Let's look into some of the elements that you can add to your seasonal marketing campaign on Mother's Day.

You can create gift guides, for different profiles of mothers. Like, if a mother loves to travel then present travel-related accessories and products that can be given to the mother. Most of the people can’t decide which gift to buy for the favorite person so you can take advantage of this and present them gift guides.

You can introduce gift packages according to the spirit of this day and particularly for mothers. This can help the consumers a lot in picking the precious gifts for their mothers. Mother’s day is an essential seasonal campaign focused by every E-Commerce Development Agency.

5. Father’s Day

You can color your routine marketing strategy with the spirit of this day to run your seasonal marketing campaign on this Father’s day. Remind your audience about this day and attract them by giving them unique ideas and offer unique products according to this day.

You can write a compelling father-oriented copy to compel them to surprise their father on this occasion.

6. Black Friday

Probably the biggest seasonal campaign of the year is black Friday. On this Black Friday in 2020, cleverly strategize your marketing campaign. Try to go offer something unique and revolve your seasonal campaign around the spirit of Black Friday. This is one particular occasion that E-Commerce Development Agency specifically targets to run the seasonal campaign.
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