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The Animation Trends To Follow In 2020

Let’s take a look at the reigning animation trends for 2020 that are already setting and characterizing the decade to come.
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The beginning of a new year is often a signal for fresh thinking and novel approaches to come forward. Many trends come and go every year, but some amongst them stay making a difference in the industry. 

To begin with, it can be said that animation is one of the fastest-growing and most diverse industries in the world. Previously, where it was associated with the entertainment industry, it has made its way into sectors such as medicine, marketing, architecture and more. 

Animation Trends To Follow In 2020
Animation Trends To Follow In 2020
With that said, it won’t be a lie to say that the animation industry has reached a significant milestone and will continue to grow with the coming year of 2020. Let’s take a look at the reigning animation trends for 2020 that are already setting and characterizing the decade to come.

The most significant trends of the year 2020

1. Depth of a New Generation

It is primarily 3D motion graphics and animation. They are creative and attention-grabbing. They are mostly appreciated for commercials and video presentations. 3D motion graphics can be a great asset for marketing and advertising. This is why they approach a video animation company and create motion graphics to reach to a broader audience. 

2. Use of vivid and bold colors

Colors are an essential element of design as it can evoke the emotions of the viewers. If used correctly, it is a great way to differentiate the brand using trendy motion graphics and animations. The use of colors can make motion graphics more attractive for the viewers. 

3. Flying and floating elements 

Another form of 3D animations in motion graphics. The anti-gravity trends can be highly influential and can draw the viewers’ attention. It is one of the latest trends and has come to stay. It is a useful trend for commercial use. 

4. Seamless transitions

The seamless transition has been trending for some time now and is expected to stay healthy for the years to come. Animators add their own unique touch the design and make the videos more compelling for the viewers. It is like the absence of cuts between different scenes and they blend seamlessly into each other resulting in having a fluid sensation throughout the video. 

5. Liquid motion

Liquid motion can add an organic and lively feel to your video. Instead of clean transitions, the animator can add colors to move and dance around and flow across the screen the liquid transition of the shapes and unique visuals provides a delightful experience to the viewers as the video progresses. It can mesmerize the viewers while delivering the message making the video more approachable for the viewers. 

6. Typography

Typography in animation adds a futuristic touch to the video. It has always been an essential part of the industry and is expected to grow in the coming years. It is an innovative way to grab the attention of the viewers by adding a transitional element to the video while delivering the message of the brand. 

7. 2D animations

In the coming years, the art and 2D animation will occupy an important place in the marketing and advertising sector. Businesses and industries are using 2D characters keeping in mind the high cost of hiring human models. 

8. Double exposure 

Double entendre or double exposure is seamlessly being used as a trend in the graphic designing and animation industry. The designers and animators use two different images and objects to create a high-end, fascinating and eye-catching graphical presentation. 

9. The combination of 2D and 3D animations

This is nothing new, but it has a special place in the animation industry. They hold the strength to mesmerize the audience with the video. They give depth to the images or move around the characters with different camera tricks to make an innovative video. Not just that, animators are experimenting with retro 2D and contemporary 3D motion graphic techniques to create exceptional videos. 

10. Grains and pixilation 

Adding grains to a simple 2D design for animation breathes life to the visuals that otherwise appears to be lifeless. It provides a little sound to the dull experiences of the video to be more compelling and attention-grabbing. Grains and pixilation add a bit of texture and imagery to the video making them more relatable for the viewers. It adds depth to the images making it more compelling. 


Animation Trends To Follow In 2020
Animation Trends To Follow In 2020
The animation industry is continually going through changes. The trends are the result of experimentation of the animators as they mix and match different styles of animation and learning new tricks to create mesmerizing videos. 
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