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4 Tips You Should Hire A Painter OR Decorator?

Hiring professional painters and decorators in London might seem an expensive investment for a job we’re convinced we can do ourselves.
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To most of us, a DIY job is a favorite pastime. Nothing beats taking a drive to the DIY store on a Saturday, picking up a few supplies, and enjoy the rest of the day pampering and painting the walls and ceiling of our home.

But while decorating our home ourselves might seem attractive, and a good bonding opportunity for the whole family; it isn’t a job for all of us. Hiring professional painters and decorators in London might seem an expensive investment for a job we’re convinced we can do ourselves, but they’re important in saving the mess of paint spills and paper cuts.

professional painters and decorators
Professional Painters and Decorators
The services of a professional painter go beyond hanging your wallpaper in just the right position or painting your walls and ceiling without getting an entire bucket of paint on your furniture and kids. Leaving your painting in the trust of an experienced painter carries many benefits.

We discuss some of these advantages of professional painters and decorators:

1. Helps you in picking the right colors

When it comes to colors and finishes, there are scores of options to pick from, and if you don’t have the experience of decorating and painting homes, it will be difficult for you to know what colors and finishes work, and where they work best in your home. Luckily, most professional painters and decorators in London are equipped with this experience.

They’ve probably decorated hundreds of homes, and are able to tell you what colors or combinations look right in your home, and what finishes don’t fit so well. If you’re more comfortable buying your materials from the store, your painter can advise you not only on what paints to buy in which finishes but can also recommend stores where you can get a good quality supply for cheaper prices.

2. Help break your habits to freshen things up

As humans, we are creatures of habit. We like patterns, whether at work or home, and don’t like to change things much once we’ve established that we like things the way they are; this includes our furniture and décor items at home. This is where we need a skilled decorator. They come in, and they help us look at things from new angles and perspectives, and give our homes a new look that not only makes everything look better and stand out more, but sometimes we find we get extra spaces with better lighting when all the clutter has been removed.

3. Discover the impossible

Most period homeowners find it impossible to replace certain special items in their homes; they spend months searching online auction houses and salvage yards for antique curtains or specific wooden screens. Professional decorators possess extensive networks and contacts and can help you find a store that ships rare light fixtures or a person who can have similar porcelain vases custom-made for you at an affordable price. Once you hire good decorators, you pay not only for their fine brush skills and eye for details, but their contacts and experience also.

4. Advise you on putting a whole scheme together

Most homeowners regard painters and decorators as unskilled workers with a jack-of-all-trades complex. This is utterly untrue and misleading, as most skilled painters and decorators are exceptionally good craftspeople with a vast knowledge of color palettes and complements and exceptionally fine brushwork. Many professionals are proud of the work they do and very good at that work; whether this includes large or small scale painting, picking the color scheme for their clients, or sourcing furniture alongside shelving and flooring.

Don’t disregard the knowledge your painters and decorators possess. Ask them questions about their previous jobs; seek advice and recommendations from you. You will find that your painters and decorators are happy to discuss the work they’ve done, and give you recommendations on great DIY products and stores.

If you need help with a professional painting company in London, Paint Works London is your ideal company as they have just what you need with expertise and years of experience. Do contact a professional today to enliven your home.
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