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Ways to Plan the Perfect Corporate Event

That is why it is important you make an impact on a great new corporate event. If planning isn’t your forte, then you could hire a Corporate Event Planner in Fishers Indiana.
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In the capitalist world of today, corporate events are all the craze now. They are much more of a big deal than they were decades ago. If you have a business and are planning a corporate event, there are some things you need to keep in mind. This is a must-read guide for those whose businesses are just starting out. 

Corporate Event

You want other businesses, investors and stakeholders to take your firm seriously. That is why it is important you make an impact on a great new corporate event. If planning isn’t your forte, then you could hire a Corporate Event Planner in Fishers Indiana

Clarifying Purpose of Your Event 

A big corporate event isn’t something you can do within a week or even a month. You need to plan months in advance! You should set up a date which is at least eight months away and start researching as much as possible. The event shouldn’t be vague and general themed. It should have a clear-cut goal so that people are willing to come. If it’s a launch party, match the timing with the release of a new product and set the marketing accordingly. Once you know the exact purpose behind the event, the rest of the planning would be much easier. 

Picking the Venue

You must have some idea of how many people you want to bring into the event. Some companies like to have a huge event where all stakeholders including customers are invited. Though, some like to keep their corporate events exclusive and small. Once you have finalized the detail of how many people you want there at the event, you can choose a venue of the right size. Other things you should make sure with the place is that it should be appropriate with the theme of the event. If you know it’s going to be something serious, choose a serious place!

Figuring Out the Budget for the Event

The corporate event is a huge deal and it would need a lot of financial resources. When you have narrowed down the number of people that can attend and the venue, you can make some estimations on the money you would need. You can look at previous events your company or other similar companies have done and see what their budget was. This will help you approximate the money that you need. Plan carefully and cut down costs wherever possible.

Theme and Format of the Event Should Be Clear

The theme of the event needs to be clear for all the planners, managers and attendees. Is the event going to be a suit and tie event or something more casual? You can set the theme of the event when you have finalized the goal of it. For instance, if it’s a gala to raise funds for something, it must be formal. Though, if it’s a launch party for a cool new invention, you can make the event a bit casual and hire some DJs to give it a party vibe. The theme would be setting the tone for everyone who is attending and it would be much easier for everyone in the long run. 

Choosing the Vendors

The venue and guest list aren’t enough for the planning. You need to have food catering, Wi-Fi services, and ensure that you some local vendors that you can rely on. The prices for the vendors should be reasonable enough so that it can easily fit within the budget. With the food, you should ensure that you are getting high-quality food because you want to ensure that none of your attendees get sick or food poisoning. 

Picking the Perfect Date

You need to be highly careful when picking out a date for the event. If it’s related to your product launch or release, then the event date should be on the same date. If it’s not coinciding with any other event, then you should pick a date that is easy for the majority of the people to attend. You can put the date on the weekend since a lot of people would be willing to attend the event then. 

Speakers for the Event

No event is complete without having the right speakers attend the event. You should look at what the theme or topic of your event is and then accordingly choose the speakers. If it’s to raise awareness of a health issue or a climate crisis, then you should bring someone on that has sufficient knowledge of the event. The speakers should also have an inspirational story to them and be experienced speakers so that the attendees have something interesting to look forward to. 

Do Something about the Entertainment

Having a simple formal event would be too boring for everyone. Try to add some entertainment to the show but be careful with it and not go overboard. There should be some music and some dancing at the event of course. Though, that does not mean you should completely transform your formal office event into a late-night club! Pick out a perfect balance and ensure that people understand what your intentions are. 

Finding the Sponsors

Any event requires sponsors. There are plenty of brands out there that are willing to give sponsorships to events as long as you have something of value to offer to them as well. You could put stalls of companies and promise them marketing if they sponsor your event. Moreover, you can look at a list of similar events that have happened in your region and see who their sponsors were. See if the sponsors fit within your corporate event too or not. If they do, hire them and get them on board. 

Make Sure to Schedule

Schedule everything right and make sure there is unity between all those who are managing the event. If there are some problems and issues, resolve them immediately so that the event planning process is not hindered by disputes. As long as you create a schedule and everyone sticks to it, you will have nothing to worry about. 

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