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Taking Care of Your Carpet’s Cleanliness

you have to take some measurements in order to spoil them with best carpet cleaning treatment so they do not stop serving you with all the comfort in the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing manner.
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The carpets need proper cleaning so that they can continue to be your comfort and warmth. Carpets on the floor have to endure everything and yet they have to keep smiling at you like a pretty little spoiled thing. But every now a then, you have to take some measurements in order to spoil them with best carpet cleaning treatment so they do not stop serving you with all the comfort in the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing manner, after all, they caress your feet and warm your home without any break.

The carpets become dirty very soon. The constant walking over on them with dirty shoes and feet, spills of food, drink and literally everything, makes the carpet very dirty. A dirty carpet can add to more discomfort than it can add to your comfort. So, a carpet requires to be cleaned both on a daily basis, which can be on a lighter note, and on a yearly basis, which has to be an intensive cleaning procedure.

The Everyday Carpet Cleaning

The regular cleaning of the carpet elongates its life and the time span for the need for intensive cleaning.


A Vacuum cleaner is the most commonly used everyday cleaning appliance that people use to clean the carpets and floors. It is easy to use so it is widely used in households.

A vacuum cleaner sucks out the dirt and other unwanted matters from the carpet by creating a vacuum by sucking in the air through the pipe which has a nozzle attached at the end of it. All the dust and particles which come into the way of the suction nozzle are pulled into it and are collected in a collecting bag. The bag is then emptied into the trash bin or anywhere you dispose of your debris. You can use a vacuum cleaner for everyday cleaning of your carpet and clean it regularly.

Removing the Stains

If the carpet gets stained at some specific place and it is not very crucial i.e. some chemical is not thrown on it, then there are some household ways to get rid of those stains. If the whole carpet is clean but you spilled your coffee at the corner, you can try some remedies to remove those stains. For example, the grandma’s way to remove the stains out from the carpet is to mix liquid dishwasher, white vinegar, and warm water and applying this amalgam on the stain, scrubbing it with a sponge and then excreting this mixture with another sponge. This is a tried and tested method of removing caffeinated stains from the carpet, and one can easily do it at home without any professional assistance.

Similarly, there are various homemade remedies for stain removal from the carpets which can be utilized.

However, there are many other tools and methods which are suitable for household usage when it comes to cleaning the carpet i.e. carpet rods, rattan beaters, dust beaters, brooms, and brushes, etc. All of these tools and tricks help to clean the carpet on a regular basis.

Intensive Carpet Cleaning

This is a more thorough and in-depth cleaning of the carpet. It is not required on regular basis rather it is needed after long spans of time when the carpet is loaded with materials and particles which cannot be any longer handled by vacuum cleaners or household remedies and tools. The intensive carpet cleaning is often done by the professional carpet cleaners because it is done by the techniques which require heavy equipment and human resource.

Hot Water Extraction

Hot water cleaning is also known as steam cleaning. This is one of the most effective and widely used carpet cleaning methods which cleans the carpet from its roots.

In this process, hot water and some detergent are forced onto the carpet with high-pressure tools. The thrusting of hot water with cleaning detergent at very high pressure touches all the fibers of the carpet and loosens the dirt, rubbish, and the deeply sunken particles. Then the next process is to bring out the water and detergent from the carpet. It is an even more crucial process because the finishing and every bit of cleanliness are dependent on it. If not done properly, it can totally ruin the carpet; it can even rise up other issues like mold growth or color fading, etc.

Hence, it is very important to hire professionals for hot water extraction because it is one of the best methods but it can also be harmful to your carpet if not done right.

Dry cleaning

This is the process of carpet cleaning which requires very less use of moisture.
First of all, some cleaning chemicals, most probably dry and powdered in substance, will be spread on the carpet. Then the chemicals will soak into the carpet and then they work under the depth of the fabric to loosen up the dirt and impurities. A light sprinkle of water will help the chemicals work more efficiently. Then, the carpet will be vacuumed and all the chemicals which have by far mingled with the impurities will be sucked out of the carpet.

The process of dry cleaning is also recommended to be executed by professionals because it involves the use of chemicals. If not done properly, the composition of chemicals can either be too mild or too strong, leading to imperfect leading. Moreover, the wrong use of chemicals can also result in triggering symptoms of asthma or sinusitis, etc. in the health-sensitive people of the occupants of the building where the carpet is being cleaned.

Moreover, there are some other professionals and intensive methods for carpet cleaning too.

1. Shampooing

The carpet is cleaned with shampoo, which can either be dry or liquid. The shampoo is scrubbed over the carpet along with water and then vacuumed out.

2. Bonneting

Bonneting is the process of scrubbing the carpet to move the dirt out of it by using this heaving appliance named as the bonnet.
Carpets need cleaning every now and then and these methods can work very well on a personal and a professional level.

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