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How Search Engine Works: The Google Entity

Google is something that almost the entire world uses daily. However, most people don’t stop and think about what really goes on when a simple Google search is conducted.
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Google is something that almost the entire world uses daily. However, most people don’t stop and think about what really goes on when a simple Google search is conducted.

But first of all, just how big is the scale of Google?

Google is immense. It’s so gigantic that just comprehending its size is difficult.

The smartphone software Android by Google is a prime example of this.

Smartphones have evolved from a luxury to a commonality and to some a necessity. But what makes Android so special? Android has two main things going: its cost and its open-source nature. Android is everywhere. You’ll see this OS on everything from phones to refrigerators, from tablets to cars. Android can even be found on certain DSLR cameras.  Furthermore, Android is affordable. In 2013, over 80% of the smartphones sold in the world were running Android.

Another important occurrence was the merge or Google and Youtube in late 2006. If you look at Youtube, just as a search engine, it is second in size only to Google. While it’s true that Google dominates online search, Youtube is right behind it. Yahoo, Bing and Ask combined are still smaller than Youtube.

Search Engine Works
Search Engine Works

What exactly happens when you search for something on the internet? This is a legitimate question that arises. In Google’s case, some very distinctive protocol exists.

When a search through Google is conducted, your results are compiled through Google’s index of the web, not the entire internet. This is how a staggering amount of information is sifted through in less than a second. The result: turnaround is almost instant while the speed of the search is persistent, and relevancy is maintained.

Software programs are known as spiders ‘crawl’ websites and compile important data to shape this massive index. These findings help form your search results.

There are several questions the software spiders ask when indexing. Some of the most important considerations are title, content, images, keywords, and links. Spiders establish and monitor keywords many times and check if the content is pertinent and not spammy. Links in general and the volume and quality of the links on the domain or specific URL make or break credibility. The images within those web pages are also taken into consideration.

When searching for something on Google, a lot of the work of sifting through the abysmal internet has been done for you ahead of time. This is because Google’s indexed version of the web has sorted through sites already, and naturally, the most credible results rank the best. Google is an extremely well-oiled results machine.

Know the best way to search for what you want. The convenience is astounding!

Basically, everyone uses Google or some search engine on the regular. There is a plethora of modifiers and tricks to use that will find you the best and most accurate results. At first, this may seem as foreign as another language, but really it’s a simple way to communicate with Google and help them tailor search results into something tangible. The process of sifting through something as vast as the internet is not an easy endeavor, but Google does this seamlessly, all day, every day.

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