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How to Know If your Smart TV Can Spy on You

If you want to purchase a new one must check The Best Smart LED TV. As we all love the smart TVs that we have in our home.
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We all believe that technology is a huge blessing for all of us. Yes! it is true in some way but with a big change in technology, it brings huge problems as well. People now want to purchase smart TVs; nobody prefers old dumb boxes without an internet connection. If you want to purchase a new one must check The Best Smart LED TV. As we all love the smart TVs that we have in our home. 

But do we know what be smart TV is capable of and what it can do without our knowledge and is it completely safe to use? Do we really that our TV can spy on us without our knowledge and even capable to spread the information of us to other parties or the manufacturers?  

Yes, they are capable of spying on our lives and they can easily collect a lot more information, not just the watching patterns of our TV. 

We all love watching the different video streaming platforms that our smart TV provides us like Netflix, HULU, amazon prime, etc. People also love to watch YouTube or surf the internet with voice-based technology or Google etc. 

Smart TV Can Spy

Without wasting any time let’s find out how smart TVs can also be dangerous for us and what to do if you do not want your smart TV to watch your private life. 

Your Smart TV May Be Spying on You:

They are capable of spying on you like MI5 and CIA agents. It is possible to hack the smart TV and the user won't able to know it. Recently many cases have been filed, especially from the TV owners which have the inbuilt camera. 

Visio's smart TV interactivity feature allows your TV to track your preference and watching habits so it can present the next recommended video for you. This is why TVs can show us next, what we should like to watch the recommended for you category. 

But if it is used just for it, then it is quite fine. But they can also track the other devices which are connected to the same Wi-Fi. The Visio Smart TV can take all the data from the same IP( Internet Protocol) as not only the data from the smart TV but also from the other devices also like the mobile phones, laptops or PCs that are connected to the same Wi-Fi.

Smart TV May Be Spying on You

Last year this company has paid 2 million dollars as fine because they were collecting the information of their users.

This collected information was further supplied t the manufacturers so they can optimize their product and must understand the need of their customers. But from the manufacturer, any hacker can hack the information very easily. They are capable of hacking the Smart TV directly as well. 

Samba TV Scandal:

One of the most famous scandals of this industry is the Samba app Scandal. This is the app which your TVs from companies like TCL, Sony, Phillips have in their TVs. 

This app was used to collect the information from the customer's watching habits and what they are watching most of the time and what they would love to watch. It does not collect the information form the Smart TV only but also from the other apps and devices as well. 

It was so efficiently working like if you love to watch the Football matches, be ready to get the notification of the football notifications on your mobile, even if your mobile device is not having the same app. 

They have also mentioned in their privacy policy that it will collect the data. But hardly anybody read the complete privacy policies of anything. Because it was designed in such a way to collect the data of other apps, devices that are connected to their same IP address. 

This information was further used for marketing purposes, to understand the need and choices of customers that will be available in the next update or the latest model of the TV. 

This is the reason you get the ads of the same things that you have searched for. 

What you can do to stop your TV to spy on you?

There are some things which you can do, not to allow your TV to spy on you.

1. Get a Dumb TV

Did you still remember the TVs that we used to have earlier? The dumb TVs which were used only by the cable wire or antenna and dish. You should consider it using again, the only disadvantage you will have is you need to use more and more hands-on the remote to operate. You were not able to give commands to your TV with your voice. 

2. Make your Smart TV Dumb

What if you already have purchased the TV of the latest technology which is fully packed with the Smart TV features. You can still make this one a Dumb TV by turning off the Wi-Fi connectivity feature on your TV. 

Make your Smart TV Dumb

By turning that off you will not be able to operate it with your voice or use the video streaming platforms like Netflix, HULU, amazon prime, etc. You can still use the features of a normal TV with amazing video and audio quality. 

But if you still want to watch the stuff from these platforms you should consider buying the streaming box, like Google chrome cast and by connecting it to your TV and Wi-Fi, You will be able to watch all the stuff of Smart TV as well. 

3. Turn off Snooping Features

If you do not want to do anything form the above-mentioned options you can turn off the snooping features of a smart TV. Different companies have different ways to do it like, In LG Smart TV turn off the home promotion feature. In Roku to just turn off the smart TV experience feature. In Visio TV you just have to turn off the viewing data on that. 

Turn off Snooping Features

By following these ways you can easily make it easy for you to be safe around the unwanted threats of Smart TV. 
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