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The Differences Between Your Second And First Year Of Law School

Law schools are known to be rigid in the first year. First-year students often find themselves going to classes that the university has laid out for them.
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Getting into law school and starting the new university life is a big change for anyone. But what most people do not expect is that the change from completing your first year and going into the second year is also a huge change for most students. Oftentimes, students will actually be amazed by the new way they see life in their second year. Not only is it harder it is actually much more fun because the second year lets the student grow and experience their university life properly for the first time.

Law School

If you were wondering what to expect in your second year, we can assuredly tell you it is much more than just law writing. We are writing this article so that you know what to expect when you get into your 2L year!

Individuality Grows Inside Everyone

Law schools are known to be rigid in the first year. First-year students often find themselves going to classes that the university has laid out for them. Due to this, a bunch of first-year students travels together in groups because they are all in the same classes. While it is a great way to make new friends, it is also a great way to get stuck in the same repeated schedule. That is how the second year changes it up, you get a lot more room to pursue things that are of your interest. For the first time, you will be allowed to choose your own classes, basically, you will be able to choose those courses which interest you more. You get to decide when you have free time to pursue your own hobbies and this most likely means that you will not be sitting with the same people the whole day.

Another fun aspect of going to the second year is that you will most likely end up getting closer to your professors. Higher, more advanced, courses have fewer people most of the time. This leads to the class being more inclusive and the few students who are in the classes end up participating more in class. Your professors begin to get to know you better and try to include you in class discussions, it is actually harder to avoid them than it is to participate now. Remember, this is the best time to build valuable relationships with your professors which can help you a lot in your future.

You get closer to the Real World

Although you will have two years till you graduate, the second year is when you really start feeling the pressure of giving the bar exam and of getting a job. These are very real worries for a lot of students but if you go into your second year knowing what to expect you will be able to plan and cope with it really well. 

Before you go into your second year, you might want to start looking into on-campus interviews. These are interviews that are taken by firms and associations for internship positions, which help you land a job in the future. So if you apply for these you will be able to get ahead of the game by scouting where exactly you want to work and what type of work you want to do. In-kind, you will be able to begin preparation for the interview from way before! 

Courses get Harder

The courses you choose for yourself in your second year are most likely to be much harder. This is because as you continue your university education, the subjects become more nuanced and more specialized. Your first-year subjects and hence, the building blocks of all law courses, things you need to know in order to delve deeper into the field of law. Thus, be ready to face much more of a challenge in your second year. 

Law School

Depending on your professor, you may even start getting law papers and research papers to write. These can be hard, especially in your second year, but remember, whatever you learn will be helpful later on! Be sure to keep what you learn in mind because, in your third year, you will most likely take courses based on what you took in your second year – that is where all the information you are going to learn will be helpful.

Need some Help?

The second-year can be very challenging. But with the right preparation, it can easily be managed and dealt with. We at Best Assignment Writers offer students a lot of help in improving their law assignment writing skills as well as help in law essays and much more. If you think you are lacking in any area be sure to take our help so that we can help you get rid of any difficulties, you may be facing!
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