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A Complete Definitive Guide On Boiler Installation

If you are new to installing a boiler, you must consider these points. We have a definitive guide on installation, do check it out!
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We all know the pressure of installing a new boiler at home. Boilers are energy efficient. It is used for a lot of purposes or heating applications, including central heating, water heating, cooking, boiler-based power generation, and sanitation.  This post contains a step by step information on boiler installation. Let’s get straight into it.

Types of Boilers

Before starting up with the installation, you must know the types of boilers. There are basically 3 types of boilers:  the combi, the conventional and the system boiler. For a home, you can choose either combi or system boilers. Combi boilers are convenient and the most energy-efficient central heating system. You have to pay for two things while installing the modern combi boiler. One is for the supply expense and other for the installation. The amount will vary depending on the type of brand you choose plus the model and other component parts. Depending on the type of boilers, the price is highly dependable. If you go with the Baxi type boiler whose fuel is lead with gas, you need to pay in total £650-£1320. Whatever type you choose, always keep this in mind that you must call a boiler fitters London to set it for you as they are gas safe engineers. 

Boiler Installation

If you have decided on replacing your old boiler with a new one, you have to comparatively spend less. The reason behind this is, for replacing the parts, the plumber won’t charge you for the pipework as it is already fitted neither you need him for removing the old storage tank.

System boilers produce more heat for large spacious rooms. If you want hot water from more than one tap at a time, getting a system boiler would be your only choice. System boilers are suited for properties with wide space and multiple bathrooms. It is a very high performing boiler. When you want to replace the system with a new system boiler, it will cost you around £1,900. 

One more type of boiler is called as the regular boiler. It is now bought as a replacement for homes which has an open-vented heating system. Just like the system boilers, regular boilers have a separate water system where the hot water will be stored, therefore it comes up with a separate storage cylinder. While using this regular boiler, you will get water at a good flow. 

How to choose the size of your boiler?

The size of the boiler plays an important role in the installation of the heating system. You need to see how energy efficient it is. The boiler should be that much big which can heat up your home adequately. It should also be adequate enough to provide a constant supply of hot water. Take it in this way, the size of the boiler will provide you that level of quality. 

While deciding on which size is best suited for your home, you must consider these things:

  • How large your family is?
  • How much space do you have for the system to set in?
  • Where should your boiler need to be?

Is the location of your boiler matter?

Considering this point is really important when you opt for a boiler installation. You should place your new boiler in a non-prominent location. The location should be practically viable and accessible. If you want to hide the boiler in a stylish form you can do that. Placing a stylish wall unit will help in giving the house a nice look without showing the heating devices. Today, wall-mounted boilers are getting more crowded. If you want something like compact and which doesn’t require any additional water tanks, then going for a self- contained combi-boiler would be best. 

Who should install it?

When it’s about gas and such similar work, you must consider someone who is professionally registered to work on such things. An inexperienced person might make small mistakes which will have a greater impact on your home. It could also be lethal and dangerous. So be aware of the installer and make a thorough research on the company or the person who is responsible for setting up your boiler. 

The cost of boilers:

The price of the boiler depends on the boiler size. Before spending money on a boiler, you must seek if it is of genuine quality. Other than the cost of the installation, you might be charged some extra for extra fittings.

The boiler installation cost the UK for replacing an existing heat only boiler to a new room will roughly fall under £1,775. Whereas, combi boilers are not static with their price range. Baxi type boiler costs £650-£1320. While the Firebird will cost you anywhere around £1380-£4100. Similarly, if you want to replace the system with a new system boiler, it will cost you around £1,900. 
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