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Best Instant Messenger Chat Spy Software for Android Phones

you have the details and you can figure out which IM spy app is best to choose, we recommend to go with the more accurate one.
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As in today's world, it has become very easy to talk to anyone in any corner of the world. It is all thanks to technology. Instant messaging tools quickly delivers a message from one place to another. Among different social media apps, Facebook Messenger is most commonly used. But where it benefits, it can also have the disadvantages that you may be in danger. Hackers can steal your information by hacking your account. Also, it is often seen that company employees leak confidential information of their company to their competitors or maybe sell it to someone who can wrongly benefit from it. In this regard, social media is the main target. 

Best Instant Messenger Chat Spy Software

To avoid all this, there are many software for us that instantly updates us by notification or alarm. Organizations can monitor their employees and parents to their kids. So, install the spy app for android of your choice and protect your company and kids from and fraudulent situation.

1. Spyzie

Spyzie is more reliable in terms of monitoring messenger chats. In case, if your account gets hacked it will alert you instantly. It allows the user to keep invisibility by own.

• It is the leading spy app among other apps.
• It works stealthily on Android devices.
• To achieve goals, large organizations are using it to optimize the productivity of their employees.
• Parents are using it to know their child’s secret or anonymous friends.
• Its technical team facilitates customer 24/7

2. TheOneSpy

A reliable and user-friendly software, which helps the user to be updated about chats secretly. When children are away from their parents, parents want to monitor them, what they are doing and what they are using.

• Parents prefer TOS, to protect a child from false activities, being a bully and from harassment.
• Instant messenger monitoring software provides all notification of messenger chats, group chats, voice messages, and shared material.
• It values a lot to its customers and provides around-the-clock service.
• It works smoothly with all Android devices.
• Besides that, it has 360 live streaming which records live activities on messenger.

3. OgyMogy

OgyMogy is an extremely secure and reliable instant messenger spy app that helps a user to get instant information. Its specific Instant Messenger application popular in the IM apps market. It helps parents by giving instant notification about logins. So, parents can secure their children from stalkers, harassment and cyberbullying.

Best Instant Messenger Chat Spy Software

• It is also known as a parental control app.
• It provides instant access to a user to a targeted device. Users can check messages, live calls, shared material, voice messages, and video messages.
• Users can also listen to surrounding voices.
• In case of any technical problem, they have specialized teams, who serve customers 24/7.
• Or if the user is not satisfied after purchasing, the company gives a 100% money-back guarantee to the user.

4. iKeyMonitor

iKeyMonitor is the best IM software with advanced features. It allows the user to get crucial information. Its stealth mode serves the user with full security. It supports different languages also. The installation process is quite easy. After registration, login with your cloud account and install the app on the targeted device, then start instant spying.

• It monitors calls, text, group chat or voice messages through its IM remote.
• User can get the real-time location of the targeted device
• without being detected, the user can take a screenshot anytime instantly.
• It has a virus-free system.
• The company allows a free trial before purchasing.
• Users can set restrictions on the targeted device.
• It gives 24/7 customer support from professionals

5. Hoverwatch

Dedicated customer support has made Hoverwatch popular among people. It is affordable and trustable software, with dynamic features. It works smoothly with all android devices. It helps organizations to monitor their employee’s instant activities if they are getting idle.

• This tool is specifically used to check instant chats, calls, videos, and history of chats.
• Its user-friendly interface runs with all android devices.
• It is a virus-free software.
• It is quite easy to install
• Users can capture screenshot anytime.
• It gives 24/7 instant service to its customers.


Now, you have the details and you can figure out which IM spy app is best to choose, we recommend to go with the more accurate one. You can secretly get instant and reliable real-time information from any corner of the world.

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