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Attention to Detail Will Create a Relaxing New Home

Building or planning to build a new home can be a stressful decision-making process. There are so many angles and considerations to think through and the entire process can often be overwhelming.
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Building or planning to build a new home can be a stressful decision-making process. There are so many angles and considerations to think through and the entire process can often be overwhelming. The pressure of wanting to ‘do it right’ can sometimes cripple the decision-making process altogether.

In today’s world, people are moving faster than ever before. Between school, work, children, paying bills, running errands, and all the other responsibilities of life, it is no wonder everyone is stressed. There is nothing more fulfilling and inspiring than to start and end your day in the place you love most. Your home should be that type of place, a place where you feel inspired and rejuvenated. Living within such an atmosphere helps promotes greater personal health as well as healthier relationships. Of course, we know that there is much more to living a fulfilled life than living in our dream home, but it is much easier to face some of the challenges of daily life when we are relaxed and rested and your home plays a huge role in the whether you feel rested and relaxed.

Most people desire to build their own homes because they want to create a home that reflects themselves and the lifestyle they wish to live. Essentially they want to create their own relaxing sanctuary that they can retreat from the business of life, relax and rejuvenate themselves.

If you are in the fortunate position of planning to build a home there are some important considerations to think over before the building begins that will help you create a type of relaxing, homey atmosphere you desire.

I want to share with you some important factors to consider that will help you create the home of your dreams and help your new home promote an atmosphere of relaxation and be an inspiration for yourself, your family and guests.

Most of us are restricted by budgets but it is important not to let your budget restrict you from building what you really will be pleased with. Obviously, you need to make decisions that are within the scope of reality and your means, but by consistently cutting corners you will end up with the constant feeling of, ‘I wish we had’ when the home is complete. It is hard to feel relaxed and inspired when you are constantly faced with living with what you truly believe is second or third best.

If possible include in your budget some new furniture that will be perfectly suited for the new place. Just as moving into an unfinished environment can be very uninspiring, moving into a new home with some new furniture and furnishing can be very inspiring.

One of the most common understandings is that it is very tough to feel inspired when you are surrounded by clutter and unfinished work.

1. It is also important to include completing the project before moving into your budget considerations and planning. This includes basements and landscaping. It is also very discouraging to look outside your dream home or walk downstairs and face unfinished work. It can be very emotional and overwhelming to be constantly faced with these unfinished tasks and steel the joy of moving into and living in a new home.

2. It is not a surprise that people find it much more relaxing to live within a home environment that is de-cluttered. Once again, clutter can create internal stress and it is hard to let the troubles and stresses of daily life subside when we are living in clutter. Plan plenty of storage space within your new home. This is commonly underestimated. I would suggest adding an additional 10-20% of storage space more then you think you will need. It will not take long and you will be very glad that you did.

3. Bring a sense of the outdoors in. There is something freeing to the soul about being in the sunlight in a wide-open space. You can bring this freeing feeling indoors by creating roomy open spaces in the home with lots of natural light. ‘Closed in’ spaces can feel restricting, use natural light where possible and don’t add too many unnecessary walls that will eventually feel like they are closing in on you.

It is a good idea to create some small personal retreat areas where you can rejuvenate and relax while having a cup of coffee or a glass of wine or just sit down with the daily paper or a good book. I would suggest planning on including some of these special places in your new home. Sitting areas on a loft or near a large window or skylight or a balcony or sitting area off the master bedroom are often considered great places. Decks, verandas, and patios are also hugely popular for this purpose but remember to create spaces within these features that are out of the main traffic flow or ‘off the beaten path’ so they can be small places of refuge.

Incorporating indoor waterfall fountains have also been more popular in recent years as these features bring a special ambiance of serenity and peace with the gentle soothing sights and sounds of flowing water. Seemingly, these features were once reserved for government and corporate facilities have now become very mainstream and are fantastic mediums to create an atmosphere of relaxation and wonder for both residents and guests into a home.

The process of planning your dream home should be enjoyable and exciting and although the process of planning and building can add some stress to daily life hopefully once the project is complete you will be rewarded with enjoying the excitement and benefits of all your hard work. Many of these ideas are incorporated in most luxury house plans, but make sure you evaluate your plans closely to make sure they fit specific desires and lifestyle goals. Use some creativity and you will be amazed to see what some ingenuity will create as you think outside the box. All your hard work will pay off in the end and you will be inspired and look forward to coming home to your personal sanctuary at the end of a long busy stressful day.
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