The Easiest Guidelines for Dryer Maintenance 2019

Our homes are crammed up appliances. They make us our life easy and add tons to our comfort when doing regular chores at home. And when any of them halts or malfunctions, our routine gets messed up. The incontinence unsettles the best of users. Troubleshooting the common issues is relatively easy as we all have got Google at our hands. But the information is too complex at that it baffles our simple minds. A lot of people are unaware of the hefty terms.

Easiest Guidelines for Dryer Maintenance 2019
Easiest Guidelines for Dryer Maintenance 2019

This unconventional guide has the easiest guidelines. Difficult terms are translated into common terms and understandable content just for your convenience. Hire experts for dryer repair in Washington D.C when the problem persists after DIY attempts.

Common Issues and Their Fixes

1. No Heat Production

It is commonly seen that the drum of the dryer is spinning but the heat is not sufficient to dry the clothes. In some cases, there is no heat production. The most common cause of this issue lies in the thermostat of the machine.

The thermostat is a small device that enables the machine to keep control of heat production. When it is not functioning properly, it affects heat production.

2. Bad Fuses

Fuses are used in circuits to indicate excessive current flows. So, in easy words, they are the saviors that prevent you from electric wires or a burnt dryer. When a fuse is broken, the circuit is no more working and you need to replace the fuse.

To check the fuse size installed in your dryer, remove the back panel. Take out the fuse after disconnecting the terminal wires. A fuse is generally a small glass tube. Take this to the store and ask for a similar fuse. Reconnect the wires and you are good to go.

3. Thermostat

Temperature issues indicate some problem with the thermostat. You are going to need a millimeter to check its condition. Remove the back panel of the machine. You need to adjust the multimeter to RX1 for testing the thermostat.

Take a lead off the outside terminal and press the probes. Let the meter measure the current. The reading should be zero. Any other reading than this is an indication of the bad thermostat. 

4. Malfunctioning Temperature Switch

A temperature switch can also be a reason for your inconvenience. This is another checkpoint for temperature control. An ohmmeter is necessary to carry out the test. The knob of the temperature switch needs removing. You can also access the switch by unscrewing the back panel.

Volt-Ohm meter will be adjusted to the RX1 setting. Connect the terminals. The reading should be zero or infinity. Turn the switch and recheck. The reading should change from zero to infinity or vice versa. If not, replace the switch. If you find it too difficult or want to avoid the risk, hire a technician.

5. Freaky Noises

Freaky noises are unnerving and we instantly switch off the machine to get rid of them. The issue is generally the mishandling. Loading of clothes can go wrong. Spread the weight evenly in the drum to avoid the noises.

If the noise persists, the issue lies with the drum belt. A belt facilitates the movement of the drum by the motor. When the dryer is too old or frequently mishandled, the belt breaks. A broken belt is easy to replace. Buy a belt as of the same model and wind it around the idle and motor pulley. 

6. Power Supply Issues

The issue could be as simple as the broken switch of the dryer. Or the power supply issues due to poor wiring. A certified electrician is the best person to treat such issues.

7. Motor Problems

The motor is like a heart to your machine. When it stops, the dryer is dead. When you decide to check it on your own, remove the front panel. The pulley configuration should be in place. The belt should be in normal condition. It is suggested not to open the motor as it is a relatively complex process. Hire a local technician to resolve the issue.

8. Old Rollers

The tumbler of the dryer is sitting on the roller. With the wear and tear, it becomes less reliable. A broken can damage your machine in a bad manner. You might have to pay a lot more than the price for the repair of a roller.

Replacing a roller is rather a simple process. Open the dryer and remove the tumbler. There is a clip mounted beneath the tumbler which retains the roller in its place. Unclip it and replace the roller.

Easiest Guidelines for Dryer Maintenance 2019
Easiest Guidelines for Dryer Maintenance 2019

Tips To Avoid Dryer Problems

Precaution is better than cure. You should be proactive and follow these tips. They help you to void common problems.

1. Regular Cleaning

After every operation, clean the dryer. Water should not reach the motor or other electrical circuits. Dryer vents must be regularly cleaned. 

2. Do Not Overload

Overloading is a frequent mistake we do. Every machine has its capacity to work efficiently. When we try to overrun the capacity, things can go wrong. It is suggested to dry the clothes in small batches.

3. Remove Lint

The accumulated lint can affect the normal function of a dryer. Wash the lint screen after every use.

When these guidelines are no more helpful, hire the best dryer repair service in Washington D.C. You are ready to start the long-awaited laundry!

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