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Best Hydroseeding Tips You Should Follow

The grass with hydroseeding would last you much longer than if you had used other methods of planting the seeds. Hence, there’s a lot of popularity for Hydroseeding & Hydromulching Turkey Hollow.
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For those of you who don’t know hydroseeding is a special planting process. It entails creating a seed slurry that is made up of seeds, water, mulch, and fertilizer and applying that all over a certain area. People prefer using this process because it’s much more effective than conventional methods of seeding. That’s because it is great way to do erosion control. Plus, since there’s more even distribution of the seed slurry, the grass grows in a faster and healthier way. The grass with hydroseeding would last you much longer than if you had used other methods of planting the seeds. Hence, there’s a lot of popularity for Hydroseeding & Hydromulching Turkey Hollow.

Here are all the tips you need to follow when you are going to apply for this process.

 1. Preparation of the Soil

You need to put proper attention to the state of the soil when you are doing this method. Any sort of construction can compact the soil which makes it hard for the seeds to take root. Hydroseeding Contractors suggest that you either aerate your soil or add compost to it before you commence the hydroseeding process. Doing this will ensure that germination takes place at the rate it is supposed to.

2. Water Regularly

Ask any one of the Local Hydroseeding Contractors near you and they will all tell you that the most important thing about the process is that you need to water regularly and consistently. While it is true that hydroseeded areas do not need that much water, they still need a sufficient amount that helps the seeds to properly germinate. You should water twice a day initially and then later on water it less as the grass starts growing at a steady pace.

3. Never Water During High Humidity

If there is a high level of humidity in the air, never water your lawn. This is going to be harmful to your garden and completely ruin the look. All your money would go to waste. Hence, make sure no one waters the lawn when there’s humidity around.

4. Don’t Have People Walking On It In Initial Months

When you have just applied the hydroseeding method, wait for a few weeks before you start walking on it regularly. You should try to avoid physical contact there because some parts of the lawn will start to thin. It must be noted that the seedlings are in an incredibly vulnerable state and can’t bear too much pressure. That’s why experts recommend installing sprinklers to water the area.

5. Fertilizing on Daily Basis

Quality Hydroseeding would not be achieved if you do not add fertilizer to it. In the initial slurry that you have added, there would be some fertilizer present. Though, you need to realize that in order to keep the soil fertile, you have to keep adding fertilizer. Initially, you add it after one month as passed by. Later on, you just need to apply it after every 90-120 days. Don’t forget to do it at the start of Summer, Spring, and Fall. It’s also a great idea to purchase an all-purpose fertilizer that you can add in after every 6 weeks if your budget allows you to.

6. Maintaining your Lawn

A lawn looks great when it is hydroseeded but that does not mean it doesn’t require maintenance. In both Commercial and Residential Hydroseeding, it is essential that you mow the grass on regular basis. Be sure to let your grass grow at least 3 inches before you cut it. If you cannot find the time to do it yourself, hire a professional gardener to do it for you. Bear in mind that you have to do all this maintenance before you even opt for the hydroseeding process.

7. Controlling the Weeds

You need to ensure that nothing ruins your lawn or garden. That means preventing weeds from wreaking havoc on it. In Hydraulic Mulch Seeding, you should not use herbicides on the lawn until the lawn has underwent mowing about 3 times. You should search online for reliable weed preventer products that do not contain any harmful substances in it.

8. Professional Help

If you are not confident in your gardening and landscaping skills, then it is perfectly fine to hire a professional for this. You can look for contractors near you that specialize in hydroseeding and ask for estimates. See if the rates are aligning with your financial budget. You should also ensure that the person you hire for the job is highly experienced and won’t end up running your lawn!

Here were all the tips that you need to know in order to care for your newly hydroseeded lawn. It’s not a cheap procedure so you should keep that in mind whenever opting for it. The lawn needs to be taken care of properly at all times!

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