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How Does Zakat Make The Lives Of Muslims Easy?

Do you want to know what is Zakat, why is it important, and how does it make a positive difference in the lives of millions of Muslims around the globe? Then, give this blog a read and find detailed answers to all your questions about Zakat.
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Zakat – one of the five pillars of Islam which is a form of alms-giving – is mandatory for all Muslims who have wealth above a certain threshold called Nisab – the cash equivalent of 612.36 grams of silver or 87.48 grams of gold. Those for whom answering Zakat Appeal is obligatory to have to pay 2.5% of their wealth above the nisab to the underprivileged and deserving people.

Zakat Appeal

Following are the ways through which Zakat makes the lives of Muslims easier:

Purification and Income

Zakat purifies one’s wealth as Allah blesses it, given that the individuals take a portion out of it and give it away in Allah’s cause to the people in need. Not only does the All-Mighty increase the riches of the people who pay Zakat in this world but also promises them salvation as well as numerous benefits in the eternal life hereafter. Hence, it is a foolproof way of benefiting oneself in both the worlds – the temporary one we are living in and the permanent one in the life hereafter.

Ensures Equality

When those who have more share with those that don’t, many if not all problems in the society can be solved. Paying Zakat can, for instance, aid the poor as well as the destitute. It ensures equality and equity by circulating money in a community.

Zakat can help the underprivileged ones get back on their feet, get food, education, and employment among various other things.

This not only leads to a lower crime rate and illegal activities but also ensures welfare, unity, and collaboration in a community. By directly eliminating poverty, Zakat goes a long way in spreading happiness and in turn, making lives of Muslims easier.

Connects one to God

It is not a hidden fact that individuals face a lot of turbulent times one time or another in their life. There are challenges that one simply cannot face alone. In such hard times, one’s faith can waver and one can get far away from Allah. However, this is where one’s spiritual connection with Allah comes in handy. Those who choose to connect with God will find Allah at their side and as a result, they can get through anything. Thus, it is essential that one connects to God and seek His blessings to be successful in this life as well as the next one. But how can one do that? The answer is simple: By paying Zakat with the right intentions.


Zakat is, without a doubt, an effective and efficient method of crafting change for good in the lives of Muslims. Not only does it strengthen one’s faith but also ensures the welfare of Muslims around the globe. What can be better than this?

So, remember to pay Zakat. Be it by paying in-person to the deserving people or donating to particular organizations. You can even answer appeals such as the Syria Urgent Appeal as this way not only will you be able to pay Zakat but also really help out the Muslims who are suffering.

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