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How to Teach Yoga Beginners in Mixed-Level Classes?

You can join a yoga school in Rishikesh and opt for a 200 hour yoga teacher training course to get certified and start teaching yoga.
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Teaching yoga is fun as everything is practical, and this way one can meet different people around, can practice yoga without any skip and a class full of vibrancy can’t be missed out. If you are a yoga teacher, in order to uplift your career and to get more and more yoga students, you need to be a great yoga teacher so that people of all ages must head to your yoga studio.

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As people are different from each other in terms with their face, body shape and size, and approaches, hence their learning and grasping power is also different, however, it is important for a yoga teacher to know their students very well and make them understand everything in the same manner as their students want. But, what if you have got yoga beginners in your mixed level classes? It can be very challenging to take everybody in the same flow, but not impossible. There is a challenge for the yoga teacher - Meeting Everyone’s Needs And Requirements and being a yoga teacher it is very important to focus on each and every student no matter how best they are with the poses or not. The yoga teacher must support every student in the class even if the beginners come to mixed-level or experienced-level classes. Here are the tips on how to teach beginners in an effective multi-level class that benefits students of all experience levels as follows:

Observation is necessary

It is important to use the power of observation so that the teachers can evaluate the students' abilities and protect them from injury during a class. As most of the yoga classes are mixed-level classes and the teachers should make each person feel they've received attention. As we all know that everybody wants some attention from the teacher as well as looking for corrections too, hence the teachers must be there for their help and check continually whether they are progressing or not.

Keep Beginners Safe Always

As you will get students for them yoga and its poses are completely new and unique, hence maintaining safety is paramount in all yoga classes. There are several things the teachers need to perform to promote safety for all the students in the classes. It is very important to create a culture of safety and encourage students listening to their bodies and taking care of themselves. The teachers need to regularly communicate to your class that yoga can be challenging and at times uncomfortable, but it should never hurt. Also, make your students understand that if something hurts, stop doing the pose and ask for the teacher’s feedback about the posture when the class is over. This is how beginners can learn everything about yoga and expect great benefits.

Get off your mat & walk around the room

The teachers shouldn’t stick to one place and they should get off their mats to check what's going on in the back of the room. So, you must leave your mat and walk around the room and always motivate them, smiling and giving the thumbs up for what they are doing.

Stick to your basic sequence

Teachers must stick to their basic sequence and keep everything simple so that everybody can easily learn everything you taught in the class. Also, you keep telling your students to practice the poses all the time so that they can become pro and can easily work with other difficult poses.

Take feedback from your class

Feedback is necessary and if you would like to make all your students confident and motivated, take feedback from them in a group and individually. This will help you to know more about their thoughts of your yoga classes and this friendly gesture may help them to share their problems with you so that you can help them in a better manner. 

You can join a yoga school in Rishikesh and opt for a 200 hour yoga teacher training course to get certified and start teaching yoga.

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