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Difference Between Java Vs C# Language

Below is the list of points that specify the key variations between Java vs C# performance.
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Every programmers and reader who is interested in the programming language must know Java vs C sharp topic. There are many programming languages but these both languages are very popular in the world of programming. Java vs C sharp is widely used as a programming language in the program.

They derive both from C family language and both support OOps concept, but yet there is some difference between Java and C#. Let’s discuss both languages before start Java vs C sharp topic. I know that you have knowledge about both languages but yet let’s discuss some important point of Java and C sharp languages.

Difference between Java Vs C# Language!

Before bending towards Java vs c# language we should remember below headings.

What is the C# Language?

As we know C# has OOps facility. And object-oriented programing has encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction, etc. which make it a more powerful programming language. In January 1999, Anders Hejlsberg had created a team for developing new programming language, at that time this new language named cool. But because of trademark reason, Anders Hejlsberg changed this language name Cool to C#.

What is Java Programming language?

Similarly C#, Java has also OOps facility but Java is a programming language that allows software for various platforms. When a programmer reproduces a Java application, the compiled code (known as bytecode) works on most operating systems (OS), including Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Java obtains many of its syntax from C and C++ programming languages.
Let's bending towards Java Vs C# Language.

Difference Between Java vs C# language!

Below is the list of points that specify the key variations between Java vs C# performance.

1.Java may be a nice possibility for complex web-based, extremely simultaneous application whereas C# is good for game development, mobile development.

2. Java needs Java Development Kit which incorporates Java compiler and runs time surroundings to run Java on any machine whereas C# libraries are being shipped with a  Visual Studio.

3. Source code written in Java is compiled into bytecode and so bytecode is regenerate to computer code, able to run on any platform whereas with C#, a code is understood into bytecode (MSIL) that is compiled by CLR and JIT compiler can convert MSIL into native computer code.

4. Java is meant to execute on JRE (Java Runtime Environment), whereas C# is meant to execute CLR (Common Language Runtime).

5. Java is heavily used for building a posh application in AN open supply scheme whereas C# is generally accustomed to develop AN application for Microsoft platforms.

6. Java provides a transparent distinction between Checked and ungoverned exceptions whereas C# approach is minimalistic in nature by selecting only 1 sort of exception.

7. Java permits the polymorphism by default whereas, with C#, one should invoke the “virtual” keyword in base-class and “override” keyword in a very derived category.

8. Java library scheme is large and well documented that additional assistance in developing practicality at a good pace whereas C# libraries work among the Microsoft scheme, that is proscribed as compared to Java.

9. Java has historically a large community providing open supply libraries, therefore needing is consummated with the libraries whereas free quality libraries support from Microsoft community may be a drawback for C#.

10. Generic feature support in Java is compiler-assisted, enforced victimization erasures whereas C# takes generics additional by integration them into the user interface and permit sort info to be obtainable at runtime.


There are many advantages of C# and Java language, but you have to choose according to their functionality and advantage that which language we should learn.

However, we explain above Java vs C# but yet C# is the best language because it's support visual studio along with android development and windows and web development.
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