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Beginners Guide: How Does Strength Training Affect Your Body?

It is a type of physical exercise focusing on the use of resistance to induce muscle contraction. It includes weight lifting of free weights, weight machine, and resistance bands. It helps build muscle mass and strength.
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Many of us have been afraid of the gym and the heavy weight lifting exercises at some point in our life. This post is written for those who are yet afraid or cannot enough motivation to start strength training.

More than often, people start such exercise regimes and then leave them after a few sessions. Why does it happen? We expect miracles to happen overnight! It must be kept in mind that subtle changes every day make up a big amazing change in the longer run.

Patiently wait and work hard to see the desired changes. Join professional clubs for strength training in Germantown MD.

Strength Training
How Does Strength Training Affect Your Body

Let us address the two basic questions before we dive into the good and subtle changes.

What Is Strength Training?

It is a type of physical exercise focusing on the use of resistance to induce muscle contraction. It includes weight lifting of free weights, weight machine, and resistance bands. It helps build muscle mass and strength. 

Is It Just For The Males?

The simple answer is “No”. It might appear too manly at sight but it is equally beneficial for women. A lot of females stay away from it with the fear of bulking. Here is a disclaimer, a female body produces a very little amount of testosterone which causes muscle build-up.

Effects of Strength Training

1. Bone Benefits

According to studies conducted by Harvard medical students, strong muscles lead to strong bones. Many bone benefits are achieved as you keep strength training in your routine.

 After the age of 40, our body starts losing bone mass at the rate of 1% every year. Weakened bones are susceptible to fractures. Strength training has been proven to improve bone density and helps prevent degenerative diseases such as arthritis. It nudges bone-forming cells into action.

2. Muscle Building

It's more than obvious but worth mentioning. Resistance training workouts improve muscle mass and you will enjoy a perfectly toned body. 

3. Significantly Reduces Stress Levels

Various studies back up the fact that training at the start of the day prepares you for the stress of the day. Physical activity makes you more agile and you will perform better and produce more happy hormones.

4. Less Pain and Painkillers

Resistance training improves the agility of bone joints such as wrists, ankles, and shoulders. This significantly reduces the chances of pain. You would need fewer painkillers with better immunity. 

5. Boosts Energy Levels

Daily life activities become easy. Performance in several tasks improves and you will not have to exert yourself to do so. It naturally boosts your energy levels and mobility. 

6. Improved Resting Metabolic Rate

Strength training is known to increase RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate). With more muscle mass you will burn more calories even while you are sleeping or resting. Muscle maintenance needs more energy than body fat.

7. Better Flexibility

As you start to strength train, the joints, tendons, and ligaments move more often. This enhances their toughness and your body will show far better flexibility. You will be able to able to fit in more exercise regimes.

8. Wards off Aging

As we age, our body muscles keep on deteriorating. This is known as sarcopenia. When you regularly strength train, you decrease the rate of deterioration. Thus, you can ward off aging (not literally obviously but signs of aging).   

9. Healthy Sleeping Habits

Many people report better sleeping habits after they start strength training. The hard work wears out the muscles, our body needs repairs and thus you will fall asleep faster. Quality of sleep significantly improves unless you bend your body at wrong angles!

10. Better Cognitive Function

You must have heard the proverb “a sound body has a sound brain”. Scientific proofs support the idea that strength training improves cognitive function. It will be easier to earn better grades or appreciation at work. 

11. Strengthens Your Heart

Various studies suggest that resistance training helps correct issues related to cardiac health. A few to name are high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, obesity, and diabetes. Cardiologists recommend strength training to the people who suffered from heart attacks in the near past.

12. Helps in Fighting Off Diseases

Weight lifting helps the patients of osteoporosis, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, lymphedema, Down’s syndrome, and spinal cord injury. Incorporating training into daily routines has shown to enhance the quality of life. 

13. Lifts Confidence Levels

If you stick to the rule of “Burn more than you eat”, you will lose weight and gain self-esteem. Strength training helps in body toning and nearly all of the people report a visible lift in their self-confidence.  

14. It's Fun!

Being able to maintain a fitness routine and spending time on your self is bound to improve self-respect. But the cherry on top is that it is fun!
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