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Amazing Tips to Get More Twitter Followers: An Effective Twitter Management Guide

By increasing followers organically, you will access thousands of highly engaged users who are more likely to convert to qualified leads that will actually buy your products or services.
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Twitter has become an influential social network, but still, there are some online entrepreneurs who don’t understand the power of using this social medium. They even don’t know how to use it, especially when it comes to increasing the list of followers. With a few simple tricks, you can easily gain a number of loyal followers who will actively engage with your content.

Twitter Management

Make sure to steer away from purchasing followers or going for any other fake, unethical methods of increasing followers. Buying thousands of followers might sound good, but is actually not. By increasing followers organically, you will access thousands of highly engaged users who are more likely to convert to qualified leads that will actually buy your products or services.

Here are some Twitter management tips that will help you get a number of followers organically.

Make Retweeting a Habit

Be personable as you can. Twitter is a platform that requires active participation and casual conversations with your true followers. Some brands who really don’t know how Twitter works often make this mistake and only tweet about themselves and post jargon in their every post.

In order to increase the list of your followers, you need to talk to your existing and potential followers. Keep the discussion casual, free of any promotional stuff. When you start replying to questions and comments from consumers, trust me, you will start getting more followers who truly want to engage with your products. There is a rule of giving and take on Twitter. If someone follows you, make sure to follow them back if what they do interest you more. When you reply to a particular tweet, don’t forget to mention the user name.

Retweeting is another effective way of increasing Twitter followers. If you found a post that sounds informative and relevant to your brand, retweet it. You can comment to the post to appreciate it.

Keep an Eye on Hashtags and Trending Topics

Hashtags can make your posts searchable and are used to categorize the unending stream of tweets. Using the right hashtags in your tweets can be very effective as they help put your tweets on people’s timelines.

Twitter Hashtag
Twitter Management Hashtag

In order to use hashtags effectively in your tweets monitor trending hashtags that truly relate to your brand. While posting your content, add some hashtags. Include only a few, don’t overdo it.  Moreover, using hashtags in your posts can be a great way to stay readers updated about your upcoming events, product launch, prize contests, promotional offers or many more.

You can create and promote your own hashtags by using Twitter posts. You simply need to align the posts according to your marketing objectives.

Engage with Other Users

Find users (influencers) in your target industry and try to reach out to them by using the powerful medium of Twitter. Mention them in your tweets and engage them in conversations that particularly relate to your brand. These users will, in turn, share your posts, giving you more exposure to a wide network of users in the Twitter reverse. If you are not sure about how and who to follow, then trust me Who to Follow lists are a worthy source for everyone to use for this purpose.

If you can get a real influencer that recommends your services or products or mention your brand in their tweet, it can have a great impact on the number of registrations and downloads you get for your business. Twitter is the best platform for building a strong relationship with influencers in your target market if used correctly.

Stay calm if an influencer does not mention or endorse your brand. Make sure to drop a thanks message and if possible, retweet the post to your connections.

Always Post Quality Content

Brands that consistently post informative and worth sharing content have a greater chance of increasing their number of true followers. People love to share new information, and the more informative posts you share, the more engagement you will get on your official Twitter page.

80% of your posts must contain new information while 20% of posts can include promotional offers. Try to incorporate some variations in your posts from time to time, i.e. alter text and visual content. Visual content can draw more people to your posts.

Sometimes, you might not have fresh or interesting content to share with your followers. To overcome this situation, it is advised to use some content discovery tools for help. Storify, Pocket, and DrumUp are a few effective content curation and social media management tools that help you create your own stories that you can share on social media channels.

Publicize Your Twitter Handle

It is one of the easiest ways to get more followers by publicizing your Twitter handle. Create an appealing Twitter profile, add an attractive header image, and a decent profile picture. Share your Twitter details at every platform. Add your Twitter handle at the end of your blog posts and embed a live Twitter widget on your blog page.

Twitter Management
Twitter Management

You can also promote your Twitter handle by using offline marketing. Print it on newsletters, promotional emails, brochures, flyer designs, business cards, as such printed materials get circulated often. Add your Twitter handle in your email signature to get more publicity.

All in all, Twitter provides amazing opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to actually market their brands. The key is to properly manage it and get the most out of your Twitter account. Search for the trends and inspiring ideas that can be used as a branding strategy. Keep these tricks in minds and you will surely gain more followers. Always share engaging, informative content, be polite and get actively involved in discussions with your followers and observe the rapid increase in your follower's list. Happy tweeting!
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