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7 Tips to Save Home Foundations This Rainy Season

Subsequent methods are practical in saving your home from adversity of any weather and you will not need foundation structural repair in Stamford CT for a while.
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Homes are built by using strong and failsafe construction materials because homes are heavenly pieces of earth. People earn money by striving day and night for the sake of their own homes. Strong foundations, sturdy roofs, and impeccable floors are the main constituents of any home. A right proportion of concrete is used to lay the strong foundations of a home. However, changing weather conditions are the foremost threat to the intactness of home foundations. Especially the rainy season adversely affects the foundations and roofing. People opt for various methods and hire professionals for the sake of their homes. Subsequent methods are practical in saving your home from the adversity of any weather and you will not need foundation structural repair in Stamford CT for a while.

7 Tips to Save Home Foundations This Rainy Season
7 Tips to Save Home Foundations This Rainy Season


#1. Water the Home Foundations

There is a certain amount of moisture in walls and home foundations that are necessary for them. This water completely dries up in blazing summer and exceeds in amount when it rains continuously. Both situations can leave cracks in the foundations of any edifice. Thereby, you need to take care that your foundations get the right amount of moisture. It is a misconception that walls and foundations do not need maintenance or water in summers. You should water foundations in your home if the sun is blazing for many days and it hasn’t rained for quite a while.


#2. Do Not Neglect Rain Gutters

Even if it is not the rainy season rain gutters still need your attention. Environmental pollution and tree leave block them which can put you in a difficult situation if it rains suddenly. Summer is usually followed by the rainy season and blocked gutters block the passage of rainwater. This water collects at the foundations of the home and sometimes enters in basements. Flood water affects homes because it stays in basements for a long time and percolates in concrete home foundations. When this water evaporates it leaves behind large cracks which cause weakening of foundations. People ultimately start looking for foundation crack repair services. Thereby, pay heed to rain gutters timely.


#3. Trim and Cut Unorderly Trees

It is a known fact that trees need water for their survival and growth. They grow faster when provided with the right amount of moisture and water. If trees remain untended for a long time they grow unevenly. Their offshoots reach the roof of homes and roots start reaching the basements. This unorderly growth of branches and roots results in the home foundation damage. Moisture absorbed by trees is transferred to the home foundations. Ventilation of basements is affected by excessive tree growth around homes. Therefore, it is better to hire professionals to control the growth of your trees. It will help you have beautiful lawns and secure home foundations.


#4. Hire Home Inspectors

There are some best foundation crack repair services that offer inspection services as well. It is advisable to hire them and let them pinpoint what they find damaging for your home foundations. They have tools and experience to find any issue in your foundations. They not only inspect foundations but suggest solutions and maintenance tips.


#5. Keep Basements Ventilated

It is a common trend to use basements as a storage room. People bring their unused items in basements and forget them for good. With the passage of time, a pile is collected in basements. If you think that storerooms do not ventilation that it is time to make corrections in this thought of yours. There must be an exhaust fan installed in home basements. It helps in removing the moisture out and bringing in the fresh air. This fresh air keeps the home foundations in shape. Moisture is removed rather than getting absorbed in walls and foundations of the home. The exhaust also removes the stale air from the basement. So if you lack an exhaust fan in your basement then install it right away.  


#6. Keep Plants Away from Home Foundations

If you want to maintain home foundations for a long time then grow plants and flowerbeds away from your home foundations. It is better to install a few inches wide gravel path along the boundary of your home. Gravel is a better material than a damp soil around a home. If you grow plants too close to the walls of home then you would need to water these plants and moisture damages the foundations.


#7. Maintain Slopes

Whenever a home is constructed there are certain areas where slopes are needed. For example, you would have observed that water follows a path in bathrooms. It moves towards the drainage, how is that possible? Construction contractors skillfully keep certain areas in homes sloped. It helps water to reach the main drainage line. While constructing home these slopes must be duly adjusted. Otherwise, water flow remains disturbed and affect the foundations of the home.

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