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6 Ways To Secure Your Business From Theft

One thing that can be absolutely devastating for a small business owner is theft. Unfortunately, nearly every business will have to deal with it at some time or another.
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One thing that can be absolutely devastating for a small business owner is theft. Unfortunately, nearly every business will have to deal with it at some time or another. However, it’s best to prevent theft before it even occurs. Below is a list of six ways to secure your business from theft.

1. Install an Alarm System

This simple task will scare away most criminals. One should be purchased and installed by a professional security company. Even more, you should advertise the fact that such a system is installed to everyone that enters your business as a deterrent to robbers.

2. Install a Camera System

Another great deterrent is having a camera pointed at the customers in your store. Even a slightly less obvious bubble camera design will be noticed by most seasoned thieves. It also makes catching and prosecuting those that do steal much easier. It provides prosecutors with rock-solid evidence.

Install a Camera System

3. Do Background Checks

A good portion of business theft, unfortunately, comes from inside the company. This is why having background checks and an exhaustive recruitment process is important. It can help you weed out shady characters with a history of criminal behavior. You should only be employing people you trust.

4. Consider Security When Outsourcing

Outsourcing part of your business operations is another opportunity for theft. You will be dealing with people you do not know and have not personally trained. Only outsource to companies with solid reputations and make sure you hold those companies responsible for any theft via your contracts with those firms.

Another part of outsourcing that many business owners don’t think about is shipping. When you are shipping your product from point A to point B, you want to ensure that your product doesn’t get damaged, lost, or stolen during transit. Keep of record of what products you are shipping. Always get a tracking number to track your shipment. If your product for some reason does not make it to its delivery point, you will have a way to investigate what happened to your product. With that said, make sure that when you are having to ship your product that you are using a professional and trusted shipping company like Meyers Transport Inc.

5. Use an Electronic POS

Employee theft can also be a problem for businesses that use old fashioned cash registers and sales systems that do not digitally record sales and accounting information. While it can be expensive to upgrade, it will help ensure that theft does not happen and that there is an electronic trail when it does.

6. Invest in Cyber Security

If your business has an online presence, you certainly need a level of cyber security as well. Business websites can be hacked. This could mean the theft of your credit and bank information, customer data or even your products via phony purchases.

Invest in Cyber Security

Overall, theft is something that will probably never go away in human society. However, you can lessen the chances of your business becoming the victim of theft by investing in the proper security protocols. It can save you money and help give you better peace of mind as a business owner.

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