3 Tips to Keep your Critical Business Data Safe with Cloud Backup

Data is considered as the most delicate and important part of any business. Whether it may be an IT firm, banking or a medical research facility, data is of utmost importance. A company’s reputation depends upon its data. What image will it leave for its customers if they get the impression that their data is not secure with the company? Backup and disaster recovery is essential for business continuity.

Critical Business Data Safe with Cloud Backup
Cloud Backup

Luckily, there are ways to which you can keep your mission-critical business data safe and secure. Following are some of the basic tips that companies can and should follow to be at ease about the security of their data.

1. Have an offsite copy

The simplest and basic rule of data retention is to keep at least 1 copy of your data in a remote location. It can be in the form of a cloud or a datacenter or drives (although clouds are more preferred) but its best to have another copy so that if something happens to your on-site data (let’s say; cyber-attack or a natural disaster), you will have another copy in an off-site location, ready to be accessed and used.

2. Always Backup

Backup is like insurance for your data. Most companies believe that their data is on the cloud so we don’t need backup, we can easily access it if our on-site data gets compromised. This is true for basic threats, like human error or malfunction of systems, this cannot protect you against cyber-attacks (like ransomware). Without a proper cloud backup, you will not be able to recover your data without paying the ransom, which would result in a lot of downtime for the company and will cost them millions of dollars. Veeam Backup for Azure can be used through Veeam Cloud Connect for the Azure cloud.

3. Have a Disaster Recovery Plan in Place

Natural disasters are something which cannot be avoided, so it’s best to have a proper plan for them. Many cloud service providers offer a disaster recovery plan (like StoneFly’s DR365 & DR365V). Having a plan means that in the event of a disaster, you can recover your data in a matter of minutes. No matter what environment you have, you can access your data remotely and continue operations even if your primary site is affected through Veeam cloud connect. This in return helps in business continuity and ensures no downtime. Cloud based backup solutions are good to keep the data on cloud servers.


One cannot degrade the importance of cloud backup for a company. It has become a need and a necessity nowadays to tackle everyday threats and disasters. It is a great protection against ransomware and helps a company in disaster recovery. With a cloud backup, there is no way to recover from such attacks and all of the company’s mission-critical data is lost. It ensures that all the company’s data is always safe and secure and is easily accessible, whenever you may need it.   

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