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10 Critical Sod Installation Questions To Ask From Sod Farmers

An intelligent person who wants the best for his garden has to look at various aspects of the installation of sod in Atlanta.
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When you are installing something new; you have to be very careful with it. There can be many problems associated with it. So it is recommended that you ask critical and important questions about the installation process from the professionals who set up different things.

Characteristics of Zeon Zoysia sod in Atlanta

An intelligent person who wants the best for his garden has to look at various aspects of the installation of sod in Atlanta. Like all sod grass; it has many characteristics which are unique and distinct.

1. This sod has excellent resistance to extremely hot weather. It can tolerate tropical weather and still remain dark green.

2. Zeon Zoysia performs goo under the shade but you must avoid having it under the tree where the leaves are in abundance.

3. In the winter it becomes dormant but it quickly recovers in the rainy season and when you irrigate it constantly.

4. If you are fond of parties and entertaining guests at your home or are the owner of the business then this sod will serve you the best because it has an excellent recovery to the heavy foot traffic that the grass may experience.

5. Watering is essential for this sod; so you can install timer sprinklers to water the grass.

6. When the height of the grass gets longer than 1.5 inches then you can mow the grass; otherwise, half an inch is bearable.

Critical Sod Installation
Sod Installation

10 Critical Sod Installation Questions

It doesn’t matter that you are installing the sod in your home or somewhere else; you have to ask a few questions in order to clear any doubts that you have in your mind about different factors, points, and types of sod. It is not right that you have confusion and you do nothing to abolish it from the mind.

How you Develop the sod?

Every sod farmer uses different techniques of development of the sod. It is important that you have knowledge of the land preparation, putting the seeds in the soil, covering the harvest and eventually harvesting the prepared sod. Although. The farmer will not tell each and every detail but the main points can be discussed.

What is the time duration of the manufacturing process?

The sod farmers will not provide you with old and withered out sod. A freshly manufactured sod will be delivered to you and you have to ask the approximated time that you have to wait from ordering till the delivery of the sod grass.

Which kinds of sods you have?

There are numerous varieties if sod grass around the world but each farmer cultivates different species of it. An important question to ask is about the types of grass that they are providing you from the company you are buying the sod like Atlanta Sod Farms.

What ground preparation technique you will use?

The technique of preparing the ground is almost the same that is used by sod farmers. But there are some individual tools, chemicals, and fertilizers that are used to make the soil fit for the sod. It is your right to inquire about what special the farmers will use.

Which sod type is best for installing?

As discussed earlier that there are many types of sod that you can choose from but not all grasses suit all kinds of soil. The soil in the hot weather areas has different characteristics and the cool regions have diversified attributes. Ask the sod farmers about the best sod for the ground of your home.

What maintenance plan you will give?

Whatever maintenance plan is there is according to the sod that is installed. If the farmer has suggested Zeon Zoysia sod then you have to take care of it as mentioned above in the characteristics of the sod grass. But for other varieties nurture method is different.

At what time the sod grass will be laid?

Sod has a quality that it can be laid at any time of the year. Discussion of the right time of installation is important because there are a few types that can develop and grow well during the spring and summer seasons. But some can also flourish in other weather as well; so investigate the appropriate time of installation.

Do you give a warranty for the grass?

The sod farmer who is manufacturing the sod by using genuine, authentic and natural materials; they will give some kind of warranty to the buyers. But still, there are many who don’t have a policy for it. It is in your best interest that you confirm this point and discuss with the sod supplier.

How much quantity of sod is needed?

You can measure the total area of your lawn in which you have to install the sod. But each manufacturer has its own measurement of the area in which they harvest the grass. You can provide your measurement and then the farmer can suggest the sod according to their own analysis.

Is sod the best or seed for a garden?

A very critical question that people ask is whether the seed is the best or Zeon Zoysia sod in Atlanta? There are several factors that make the sod best for large as well as small lawns. It is vital that you ask this particular question and it is the duty of the farmer to answer it with full honesty.
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