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If you are operating in the telecom industry, you may require the services of an RF engineer for your business.
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If you are operating in the telecom industry, you may require the services of an RF engineer for your business. Similarly, you could be looking for a career in this industry. In this post, you’ll find everything that you need to know about this role as well as how it could benefit a company. 

What is the Role of an RF Engineer?

A radiofrequency or RF Engineer is best described as an electrical engineer. They handle and work with devices that transmit and receive radio waves. This includes virtually every mobile and radio device and that shows how crucial this role is today. Without RF engineers, we’d struggle when systems like this stopped functioning. RF engineers will commonly work with other professionals as well as stakeholders to provide their services to clients. 

RF Engineer

Is RF Engineer a Good Career?

An RF engineer salary can certainly be impressive, with an average salary of around £92,000. However, it is possible for RF engineer job growth to lead earnings to reach as much as £152,000. This will largely depend on your qualifications and the clients that you work for. Since many RF engineers now work as freelancers, if you are unable to find a steady flow of clients, you will struggle to reach this level of salary. You will also need to ensure that you have the right experience with a variety of systems including MapInfo, Atoll, and Sierra. 

RF Engineer Skills and Responsibilities

To become an RF engineer you will need both a bachelor's degree and to successfully pass a licensure exam. 

There are a variety of core skills that you will need including advanced abilities in maths, the ability to understand wireless networks and a high level of knowledge in Microsoft Excel. You must have knowledge of LTE networks and cell site design as well as key circuitry skills. 

More typical jobs skills that are also crucial include the ability to work as a team and prioritize your workload while being able to solve problems and troubleshoot issues. As such, this can be quite a high-pressure job where you will constantly be expected to provide a fantastic service. 

An RF will also have numerous responsibilities including the optimization of existing networks. They will need to constantly run evaluations on KPIs while performing maintenance on equipment. Furthermore, an RF will also need to ensure that regulatory standards are reached. This is one of the reasons why it’s important to pass licensure exams. This will provide the information necessary to maintain compliance up to FCC standards.

 As well as this, an RF Engineer will also be expected to construct a new wireless network. This could include land surveyance to ensure that crucial elements are set up in the right place. 

What does RF Engineer do?

Operating as an RF engineer comes with numerous duties. This includes collecting data, analyzing information that has been gathered and making improvements to radio design. These duties will mean working with over-the-horizon-radar as well as surveillance radars and intelligence sensors. 

As well as taking measurements for electromagnetic emissions, an RF engineer will provide design modules as well as switches. They will work to improve how effective systems are at transmitting. RF engineers can cover multiple data sites and will test the designs, troubleshoot issues and take a hands-on approach with installations. 

Why should You Use Field Engineer to Find an RF Engineer?

Are you keen to hire an RF engineer for your business or your clients? If so, Sign up on could be the perfect solution. The platform has paved the way for companies to Hire RF Engineers on-demand across the globe. Once you post a job, an expert RF engineer will immediately bid. You will be able to choose the professional you want for the price that matches your budgetary requirements. There’s no delay with this service as you can tap into a pool of 40,000 engineers located in over 180 different countries. As such, there’s guaranteed to be one close by. Track them through the platform, pay them, gain routine updates and keep connected as they complete the ultimate service for your business. 

With everything handled for you, you can provide an efficient, high-quality solution to your clients and boost your business reputation while keeping costs under complete control. 

Similarly, RF engineers keen to find clients can also utilize the service. As an engineer, you will be able to respond to job posts, place bids and find great employers. You can even build long-lasting relationships so that you’ll be hired by the same client again and again. With FE it’s easy to find the clients that you need operating as a professional freelance RF engineer on the market.

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