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How to Save Money on Home Inspection & Wind Mitigation Services?

Windstorms can cause serious damage to both commercial and residential properties. That is there are companies offering precautionary measures services as well as mitigating the damages after a windstorm.
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Windstorms can cause serious damage to both commercial and residential properties. That is there are companies offering precautionary measures services as well as mitigating the damages after a windstorm. The proactive measures involve making your house features wind-proof in a way that the doors and windows, as well as the roof, are not affected by the storm. Experienced Home Inspectors in South Florida can save you a lot of trouble and money. Though the process is not mandatory for home insurance. However, it can help a lot in savings through insurance.

Home Inspection & Wind Mitigation Services
How to Save Money on Home Inspection & Wind Mitigation Services

Money-Saving Mitigation

Insurance policy cost can be reduced by using the windstorm mitigation. A property faces damages and severe loss after a drastic hurricane. When the inspectors do their analysis of the home, they check the level of the potential damage the property will face after the storms. A perfectly built structure means a strong home, which means it will not be affected much in a storm. Since the potential damages are low, the cost of the insurance premium will be low too.

Smallest features of a home structure make a lot of difference in the overall protection of the property during a windstorm. The professionals strongly recommend that every house should have mitigation features if they are built in a stormy or hurricane-prone area. These features can be checked and approved by the inspectors. You can use this approval in getting discounted insurance premium rates.

The Level of Savings

Location of the property matters a lot when it comes to estimating the level of damage and level of savings in a storm condition. Homes situated near the coastline have more chances of facing hurricane damage. If the structure is strongly built and inspectors approve it, it means you can save up to a thousand dollars in the form of insurance discounts. Some states also require insurance discounts if the property is storm mitigated.

However, that is the maximum estimate. The most common and average estimate is that inspection can save you 100+ dollars. And these discounts can help you for a few years because typically the inspection is valid for 5 years.

Possibility for Increase In Savings

The good thing about inspectors is that they do not just approve or inspect your home. they also offer suggestions to retain and improve the sustainability of your property. The changes can easily be made in the property by hiring an agent who has experience with such tasks. Working on inspector’s suggestions will not only save your money in the long run, but it will also increase the value of your property.

Improving Home Features after Inspection

The common features inspected by the inspectors and advised for further improvements are given below.

Preventing the Roof

The very basic thing that tops the priority chart of inspection is the roof. Whether it is windstorm or rainstorm, roofs are most likely to get damaged by it. The roof can be prevented by sealing all the gaps, cracks and holes. Moreover, as an additional security measure, the roof is either covered with thick material or the roof itself is replaced.

Nails used in Attachments

Nails are commonly used in construction. However, the length of the nail is the main determining factor when it comes to Property Inspections. The strength, material, and length of the nails prove how strong the attachment of shingles and others is.

Strength of Walls

A strong wall has a good connection with the roof. Strong walls can withstand the pressure of intense windstorms.

Protected Insulations

The roof normally has two layers: a primary layer and an insulation layer. However, the roof can be made more secure by installing a protective layer between these two layers. It works in the same way a rain jacket works.

Roof Shape

Roofs come in various shapes and sizes depending upon your house structure and your personal preference. Shape of the roof also defines how much a roof can withstand the pressure and windstorm. That is what Home Inspectors will look for as well.

Door and Window Panels

Home Inspection Services also involve checking the door and window panels. Extra protection on window and door panels, having shatterproof glass used in the windows, the extra protection of storm shutters outside the door and windows and similar protective measures help you in Property Inspections.

Another thing you can do is, consult a licensed engineer before finalizing the home structure. Constructing a home in consultation with a licensed engineer and a seasoned contractor can save you a lot of trouble.

When inspectors complete their work, they give you a mitigation report which involves all the details needed to show to your insurance company. You need inspections after every 5 years or as per the state laws defined for residential or commercial property inspections. Be careful you are abiding by the rules.

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