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High-Tech Mobile Phone Spy App for Employee Monitoring

Employee monitoring is an important aspect of business management because the efficiency of working staff is correlated with business profitability.
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Employee monitoring is an important aspect of business management because the efficiency of working staff is correlated with business profitability. If your workers are involved in unnecessary and malicious activities, they would not be able to provide the desired outcome. This is why the technologists have provided employee monitoring tools to supervise workforces and prevent them from unproductive acts. The mobile phone tracker app is one of the most advanced employee monitoring tools. Using the app, employers can keep track of every mobile phone activity of workers without getting access to their devices. This article discusses how the most advanced mobile phone spy app facilitates employers in keeping their workforces under surveillance.

Role of Mobile Phone Spy App in Employee Monitoring

There was a time when the business owners were used to take human support to supervise activities performed at the workstation. In this digital age, technology has provided us with monitoring apps and software to monitor anyone from any corner of the world. Without using human invigilation, employers can monitor workers and boost their efficiency. They are only needed to get their devices installed with employee monitoring software to be informed of activities performed on these devices. It lets you know if your worker is involved in unproductive activities, workplace harassments of any wrongdoing.

High-Tech Mobile Phone Spy App for Employee Monitoring
High-Tech Mobile Phone Spy App for Employee Monitoring

High-Tech Mobile Phone Spy App for Employee Monitoring

TheOneSpy is one of the most reliable and feature-rich mobile phone spy app intended for employers. Once you install the app on company-owned Android phones, you can monitor and control that mobile via the web portal of TheOneSpy. We have penned down here most advanced features of the employee tracking software.

Record Real-Time Activities

No matter where you are and what the time is, the android spy app lets you know what your workers are doing on their phones. You can record the screen of the monitored cell phone to capture whatever appears on it. To start screen recording on the monitored android phone, you need to send a command via the online control panel of the spy app.   

Track Workplace Gossips

Gossips, unproductive talks, harassments and bad-mouthing negatively influence the productivity and loyalty of workers. The spy app for android enables employers to prevent their workers from such acts. It lets you control the microphone and cameras of your workers’ mobile through which you can listen, watch and record whatever happens in the vicinity of those mobile devices.

Monitor Social Media Chats

While social media is helpful in creating, managing and boosting brand awareness, the unsupervised use of these platforms can negatively impact the goodwill of the company. You can monitor your workers’ social media activities by monitoring social media apps installed on their phones. You can monitor Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Tumblr, Skype and many commonly used communication apps. The android tracker app lets you monitor social media chats, media files, friend-lists and activities performed by your workers on these social messengers.  

Track Location of Remote Workers

The business employers and managers can keep their remote workers under surveillance with the help of mobile phone tracking app. You can track the GPS location of your marketing, sales and traveling staff to ensure they are on assigned routes.   

Monitor & Manage Internet Use

The effectiveness of the internet is not hidden. However, the unmonitored use of this technology can restrict your workers from giving their best to the business. The android spy app provides you with the internet browsing history of your kids’ mobile phones so you can monitor their internet use and manage this use by blocking unproductive websites.   

Spy on Emails, Messages, Calls

The emails transmitted and received by your workers can be monitored with the android spy app. The app syncs all text messages, emails, instant messages, MMS and call logs. This data is uploaded by the android spy app to the online portal from where you can access it anytime. The android tracker app also records calls to let you listen to the incoming and outgoing calls of your contact center staff.

Access Passwords

The confidential information put on the monitored phone can be accessed via an online portal of the spy app. It includes passwords, email addresses, usernames and credentials of online accounts.

The mobile phone spy app offers several other features to monitor and boost the efficiency of workers.

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