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Driving Tips We Learned From “World Environment Day”

World Environment Day came and gone on June 5th and many automotive professionals get to share top tips on environmentally-friendly driving.
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World Environment Day came and gone on June 5th and many automotive professionals get to share top tips on environmentally-friendly driving. Even adopting to smallest change for the best can have a bigger and better impact on improving our lifestyles as well as for planet Earth. At Falken Tires, we bring you some crucial details on eco-friendly driving habits. Read on to find out.

Vehicle Maintenance

Make sure that the tires, including a spare, are properly inflated as it contributes to safe driving, reduce fuel consumption and prepare you in advance should there be a flat or any other roadside glitch. All of it significantly reduces your driving impact on the environment in a way that improper tire inflation consumes more fuel unnecessarily.

Driving Tips
Driving Tips We Learned From “World Environment Day”

Be sure to use engine oil only that which is recommended by the manufacturer as mentioned in the vehicle guide or logbook. It helps to improve efficiency and ensure that your car functions as smooth as possible. Meanwhile, regular servicing of the car ensures eco-friendly and safe driving is at its best whereas keeps all the major and minor vehicle functions to run at their optimal.

Before the Journey

Before hitting the road, decide if using the car is all too important or you can find an alternative means of transportation. This can be either public transport, cycling or even walking which greatly reduces carbon emissions for a cleaner, greener and better environment. But then, there’re situations in which driving is the only way so all you need to do is being as careful as possible.

The heavier, bulkier and more the car components, greater would be the fuel consumption which is why experts’ advice removing all unnecessary weight from the vehicle and make driving less environmentally impactful.

Driving Style & Habit

No surprise that your driving style and habit has a huge impact on environmental friendliness, quality of the journey in terms of experience as well as other drivers on the road. Harsh driving, unnecessarily speeding and abrupt application of the brakes wouldn’t just consume more fuel but raise the likelihood of fatal road accident.

Always remember to watch for important road signs such and traffic lights so that your driving remains controlled and safe. Further, driving above the defined speed limit also burns more fuel and puts your life at stake as well as of others. Better exercise your patience to the best while driving, avoid being aggressive, remain calm and keep moving.

Summer season is in full swing which means you’ll probably be using more in-car air conditioner than normal but, overuse of anything is perilous including A/C. Try to go along with natural wind by sliding down the side windows, ensure proper ventilation in the cabin for the best of all.

Hybrid & Electric Vehicles

To drive a hybrid or electric car fitted with high-quality Falken Tires is an excellent way to reduce environmental impact. Hybrid vehicles use a combination of electricity and gas whereas fully electric cars rely on electric power; leaving behind low to zero carbon emission.

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