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Best Home Lighting Control Systems

This system that will allow all the lights in a home or building to be controlled and monitored from a central location.
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This system will allow all the lights in a home or building to be controlled and monitored from a central location. In times past, it was called a centralized lighting control system and was generally found only in high-end homes or commercial buildings.  With technology today, these systems have become more accessible and affordable to the general homeowner.  The complexity of this type of system can greatly vary from extremely complex to simple.

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Best Home Lighting Control Systems

In the home, the home lighting control panel that is installed might have a user-friendly and intuitive touch screen.  All you would have to do is to touch a button on the screen to manage and control the lighting in every room of the home.  In a high-rise or commercial building will usually have a multi-button complex control station that is capable of managing mult0faceted lighting functions throughout the building.

In a home, the home control lighting system can be programmed to meet the homeowner’s specific needs.  With this system, a homeowner can:

  • Schedule the lights in the living and on the porch to come home when the homeowner gets home from work.
  • Can set the living room and dining room lights to an entertaining mode where these lights will dim to levels that are pre-set
  • Program a vacation mode to switch lights off and on throughout the day and part of the evening while the homeowner is out of town to make it look as if people are home.  This can help to reduce the possibility of a break-in.

Benefits of the home control lighting system

In addition to the convenience and safety benefits, some of the benefits can include:

  • Help conserve energy
  • Reduce electricity costs, which can be significant if the lights are when rooms are usually not occupied. How much your energy savings would depend on how the controls are set, the amount of time the lights were left on in a room that was not occupied, and the predictability of the homeowners routine.

How are the systems wired?

The majority of the home lighting control systems are hard-wire, which meds that the wiring is installed in the walls of the home, school, company, etc.  There are wireless systems that are wireless if you prefer this type.  Today, most home builders are including structured wiring all the homes they are now building.


A home lighting control system can cost from $250 to over $399 with the supplies to install the new system costing less than thirty dollars.  The most expensive expense is the basic labor, which on average takes thirty hours to complete can cost on the average installation of $2800-$3400.  Check with several reputable contractors to find the best price.

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