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Why Mixer Taps Are Becoming A Popular Choice For Bathroom Basins

The majority of homes and hotels across Australia have installed mixer taps in their bathroom basins. There was a time where separate pillar taps were the common choice among home and hotel owners for their business
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The majority of homes and hotels across Australia have installed mixer taps in their bathroom basins. There was a time where separate pillar taps were the common choice among home and hotel owners for their business, but now it seems that time has caught up with them. Mixer taps have become the standard choice as it provides a mixture of hot and cold water for the user, what it does is that it mixes both the hot and cold water before ejecting it for use.

Mixer Taps
Mixer Taps

There are a number of bathroom basin mixer types available in the market; such is their demand right now. Now it has come to our knowledge that some individuals are somewhat baffled by the popularity of mixer taps, surprisingly. But don't worry; we have crafted this read exactly for these people so they can see the benefits of mixer taps are not just limited to mixing hot and cold water. So have a go at this article.

Control the temperature of water

That is right, it doesn't just allow you to mix the hot and cold water together, but also gives you control over the temperature of water. You can reduce the temperature or increase as you wish whenever you are washing, shaving or taking a bath.

Unlike the separate pillar taps in the past where you would have to set the two taps to control the temperature, you can control the temperature. Yes, the temperature will be restricted to the heat settings set by you, but you can different temperature levels for baths and basins.

You can rest assured with mixer taps

Back when separate pillar taps were the standard choice, you were required to set the flow of water from both sets of taps to warm the water and keep an eye on it regularly to maintain the temperature.

Now with mixer taps you have already set the temperature before and all you have to do is open the tap and let the warm water flow to pleasure yourself with warm baths. It makes home life quite easy, especially if you have kids you don't have to worry about your kid getting burned by hot water.

Cost effective

Normally bathroom basin mixer has a flow limiter installed in it to avoid excess water usage. When you want to mix hot and cold water you might flow too much hot and cold water to get the right temperature flowing. With flow limiter you will save wasting too much water and get the right temperature, this is not only environmentally friendly but also saves a lot in energy bills.

Can be adjusted anywhere

Mixer taps are not just a bathroom accessory; you can get a perfectly working mixer tap for your kitchen basins and sinks. They can be adjusted anywhere and are available in different types to fulfill different purposes.

You can find mixer taps which are best in kitchen and some which are ideal for showers or bath tubs and some are best for bathroom basins. So, they are not limited to just bathroom basins.

Mixer Taps
Mixer Taps

Types of mixer taps

There are a number of mixers taps available as mentioned earlier. That is why we are going to list some of the many types of mixer taps to help you distinguish between them

Standard mixer taps

These are normal and stylish taps which can be adjusted anywhere in your kitchen, bathrooms and showers. Due to being standard they might not go with the style and interior of your kitchen and bathroom, but still are a great choice nonetheless.

Spray mixer taps

They are usually utilized in the kitchen; their function is very much similar to standard mixer taps as they eject a mixture of cold and hot water. The difference between the two is that spray mixer tap allows you to change the flow of water from the head, for example if you are washing utensils or vegetables you can spread the shower flow or reduce it depending upon the requirement.

Shower mixer

Shower mixtures are made for showers and bathing and cannot be used on basins. They are a mixture of handheld showers and bath fillers. They can function as a shower or a bathtub filler as they are double multifaceted.

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