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How To Remove Spam Backlinks Using Google Disavow Links Tool

Google disavow links is one of the craziest tool and the most happening news after penguin update. It is the Max Cutts who invented this name as “Disavow Tool”.
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Google disavow links is one of the craziest tool and the most happening news after penguin update. It is the Max Cutts who invented this name as “Disavow Tool”. However, before we get into the crux of the matter, let’s first rewind this subject a little. Right a few months back in April, we had observed Google penguin update. This considered being a major update after the panda update, which created complete haywire in the SEO world and washed out all spam links by private blog networks. It punished the bulk link, spam link and established something called as “negative SEO”.

Google Disavow Tool

Google Disavow Tool
Google Disavow Links Tool

The idea behind the penguin update was to punish the spamming methods of generating backlinks and dominating over search engine ranking. But people retorted to this decision of Google and started adopting black hat ways of creating spam on some legitimate sites, and in turn headed to attack the reputed sites like 123movies. This somewhere led to the negative SEO campaign. This gave a new problem of negative SEO backlink. Though Bing could not spare it anymore and launched the Bing Disavow links tool after penguin update. A similar efficient tool is now launched by Google Webmaster Disavow Links.

What is Google Disavow Link Tool?

In the earlier section of this article, we have discussed the concept of Negative SEO. It is very easy to build bulk links through popular sites like Fiverr. You can easily generate 10000-20000 links within a day or two and pop up your site in any search engine ranking. Well! You cannot take it fore-granted that your site will be banned or something harmful will come to you, but various update like those of Google Panda and penguin can give you a way to spiral downwards.

You should clarify your motive that why you are blogging. This will show your intentions, your readers will get an idea that why should they read your blog and what they will gain after reading your blog. Consider your audience and tell them your motive to blog.

Your Topics :

 Your Topics

Your topic to write about will decide your audience, you should describe your topics well so that readers can decide what they will get from your spam backlinks. Spell out your topics so that readers can expect what they will know when they read your spam backlinks. If someone like your topic then he/she may bookmark your blog, which will help you to have regular readers for your spam backlinks.

How a Webmaster controls such link spam?

Webmaster controls

If you travel back, earlier controlling spam link was indirect and a quite difficult, you could just mail webmaster and request them to sort out the links. Especially when we are talking of spamming links, most of the request was not heard of, either not entertained or customers were not been able to reach to Google masters. Google Disavow link is a lucrative way to sort out the matter quickly. It is a vested power in the hands of webmaster to take down the report or clutter such links to Google. This will, in turn, tap all the negative SEO or the penguin updates. Hence it will help you out in getting rid of spam as soon as possible.

When it comes to the performance, technically Google’s keen eyes by default keep a check on spam links and sites, which are potent to affect your site performance. But somewhere down the links webmasters are facing severe challenges in managing such spam, and consequently, the number of Penguin updates is rising up to refresh and update data.

How to use the Disavow Tool and Remove spammy links?

It is completely legitimate and powered by Google, so you don’t have to feel afraid while using it. Let’s go through the following steps:

Remove spammy links

1. Log in to Google’s Disavow Tool page

2. Here will you observe a couple of scrutinized sites and a few more, which falls under the category of low spammy links. Hit on the “Disavow link” button.

3. Now you have to upload the text that you want to disavow. You can even disavow links from specific pages, by fixing URL. Make sure that you have not used the keyword “domain” to it. At present Google allows only one Disavow per website and you have to employ webmaster tool to update your file.

4. Finally, download file, modify it and again upload it. Kindly ensure that the file size should not exceed the tomb.


Not everybody can use this tool skillfully. If you happen to be troubled by spammy links and somehow you are not able to manage it, let me tell you this is the most effective tool to help you out in the matter.

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