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Most Common Health Problem In The Students In 2019

Students in every educational institute can be a host of multiple complicated health issues and health problems. Some health issues are communicable while others can be caused by a bad lifestyle.
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Students in every educational institute can be a host of multiple complicated health issues. Some health issues are communicable while others can be caused by a bad lifestyle.

Common Health Problem
Common Health Problem

Here are some of the most common health problems that were faced by the students in the year 2019:

Common Cold

One of the most primary health problems that students have faced in 2019 is common cold. Not just students from AGradeEssay, but also almost every other person might have been infected with a common cold this year. Coughing along with continuously sneezing, a sore and itchy throat and blocked nose are all the symptoms of it. When you come across someone who already has a common cold, chances are that you will also catch it through touching them or even being part of the same environment they are. The germs can also be inhaled when the student who is going through this disease sneezes. Therefore, the best way not to get a common cold is to repeatedly wash your hands and face. Moreover, carrying a sanitizer can be a plus too. You can apply it every time you eat or touch something.


Influenza commonly known as flu is something that every student has now and then. Students cannot avoid this disease no matter what. The viruses in this disease affect the respiratory tract of the patient. Apart from being harmful to health, it also makes one extremely irritable. Students who have been diagnosed with the following condition have gone through symptoms such as a high temperature along with mild headaches, runny or blocked nose, constant muscle aches, stomachaches, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea and inability to focus because of the weakness. This condition is almost the same as a common cold and can be transmitted by other students who already have this. When a healthy child is exposed to the environment that has one or more infected student, it infects them as well. Students who have been diagnosed with influenza should stay away from school for five or more days if needed.

Food Poisoning

The worst yet the most common health issue that has been seen this year is food poisoning. When a child eats contaminated, toxic or spoiled food, then he or she might get food poisoning. The symptoms vary depending on the intensity of how much has it actually affected you. Common cases will at least exhibit three or more symptoms such as abdominal cramps, diarrhoea, vomiting, and loss of appetite, weakness, nausea, headaches and many more. Bacteria, parasites and viruses can cause this illness.The biggest symptom of food poisoning is dehydration. It is important to monitor the clear fluid of all the children who accidentally consume contaminated food. They should avoid any kind of solid foods and most importantly, they should stay away from dairy products that can make their condition worse.


Pupils who are extensively involved in physical and extracurricular activities most likely experience sprains. Sprains are injuries or a torn ligament that damages one or more ligaments that make up a joint. Moreover, sprains in legs, ankles, knees, wrists can cause extreme pain along with high inflammation. It is difficult to handle a sprain in academic life, as it is painful. In addition to being painful, it also makes it difficult for the kids to move around. While some sprains might be normal and fixed by taking certain medications, others can be quite serious and require urgent surgeries to fix them.

Bleeding Nose

Another common health issue is bleeding of the nose. This is more common in students who constantly touch or pick their nose. The blood vessels inside the noses are very sensitive and picking of noses can rupture them making the nose to bleed. Anti-allergic or decongestion medications can also cause nosebleeds. Moreover, children who suffer from frequent colds or sinus are also likely to experience the bleeding of the nose. Frequent blowing of nose and disturbing it can also make the nose bleed. The best way to make sure that your nose does not bleed is to ensure the proper lubrication of your nasal passages and to avoid picking your nose.

Health Problem



The inflammation of the membranes surrounding your brain and spinal cord results in meningitis. It causes swelling which leads to headaches, fever and a stiff neck. This illness can be caused by a viral infection, for instance, influenza, and parasitic and fungal infections. Some cases in this illness improve on their own without treatment with time, however, others can be an actual threat and require antibiotic treatment. Following are some of the signs that can be spotted if one suffers from this disorder: sudden high fever, seizures, sensitivity to light and sound, loss of appetite, skin rash and inability to concentrate. The school administration should keep a check on all their children and if they see three or more symptoms in someone, they should immediately seek medical help.

Strep Throat

Strep throat is a bacterial infection that has been there every year and always finds its way back. It is a bacterial infection, which leads to a sore and scratchy throat. If it remains untreated and you do not seek help from the doctor then this can precipitate kidney inflammation or rheumatic fever. Rheumatic fever includes pain in the joints, heart valve damage or coming in contact with a specific type of rash. According to college essay writing help, the common signs of a strep throat are a pain in the throat, pain while swallowing food, fever, rash, body aches and many more. It is advised to immediately seek help from a doctor if any student faces a rash or sore throat for more than two days.


To summarize, the above-mentioned names are the most familiar and typical infections that every pupil had to go through once. These infections include a strep throat, common cold, influenza, and meningitis, bleeding nose, serious injuries due to physical activities and many more.
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