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The Beginning of The End of The Diaper

Statistically, 61% of children leave the diaper between two and three years, and 34%, before completing both.
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For many families, panties and underpants are an essential element for children to learn to go to the bathroom alone. They are a kind of diapers that go up and down as if they were underwear, and allow children to realize that they have stained them, but without getting their clothes wet. You have to find the precise moment when the child is ready for this step, and be able to recognize the signals that your body is sending you before starting the process.

Baby Diaper

New underwear!

The panties and underpants of learning are absorbent underwear that your children will accept enchanted: they get off and go up like underwear and have many designs and patterns, so you can choose the one you like the most. They adapt perfectly to your body and allow you to notice when your pee has escaped, but without getting your clothes wet.

There are models with a lateral opening that allow to check if they are wet, and even others that erase their drawings when they get wet to make it easier to notice. They are usually made of organic cotton, with a waterproof outer layer and with an absorbent microfiber interior that prevents clothes getting wet with the leaks. They are very soft to the touch and will not give allergies ... and most importantly: they will give your child a great autonomy and security in himself, because he will see that he is able to upload and download them by himself.

The process

Children leave the diaper little by little, it is part of their maturity process. The first thing that will happen is that it will warn you when you have wet the diaper, then while it is wetting and finally, when it is going to get wet. When the child is already able to tell us that he wants to go to the bathroom, even if he ends up having his needs over, it is time to introduce the learning panties.

Once you have started using your panties or underpants, you should learn to go to the bathroom, get off your clothes and sit down and wait for the pee to arrive. At the beginning, the most important thing is to remind him from time to time that he does not pee for a while, since it is possible that if he gets distracted, he will forget and escape. It is also important that you do not overwhelm him and that you give him freedom, and keep in mind that at the beginning the escapes will happen: nothing happens, he is learning and for that you have the panties and briefs for learning. Another thing that we must teach conscientiously is to clean well and wash your hands when you go to the bathroom.

The best moment

Statistically, 61% of children leave the diaper between two and three years, and 34%, before completing both. That is to say, there are some children who, at about two years of age, are able to control their sphincters. This is simply a fact, since the most important thing is for each family to observe their children. Therefore, although the belief that the best time to remove the diaper is during the summer is very widespread, the truth is that it will be a work in vain if our son is not prepared.

The best time to leave the diaper is not when it comes to us better, but when it marks the physical and psychological maturity of each baby.
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