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Air Conditioner Installation: A Technical And Sophisticated Work To Be Handled By Professionals

The best and the quickest way to ensure the safe installation of an air conditioner is to call a skilled technician with years of experience and knowledge.
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Undoubtedly, air conditioners have become a necessity for the hot summer season. But many homeowners try to handle the installation by themselves. Various DIY jobs make people install air conditioner themselves to complete the work done quickly and for the sake of expenses. Do-it-yourself tasks are often popular among the householders to try their hands in new mediums and gain some experiences. Air Conditioner Installation is complicated work. It requires years of experience and skills in hand to handle the technical work. Installing it incorrectly may lead to damage to the whole system. The best and the quickest way to ensure the safe installation of an air conditioner is to call a skilled technician with years of experience and knowledge.

AC Installation
AC Installation

A professional may help you to choose a perfect size or the type of air conditioner as per your room condition or the demand. A system should not be too small or too large that doesn't fit with the temperature, wall structure, and the size of the room. An air conditioner continues to provide cooling effects or will run with an attempt of providing you the temperature effect, but with the period, it will cause wear and tear in the system creating ultimate damage for the whole expense. The correct cooling capacity for the room and the size/type is what makes an air conditioner a perfect piece of appliance that works for a long time.

Furthermore, AC Installation is complicated work. It needs to be installed correctly. Even a single loosely held screw may result in the low performance. If unable to mount the units, refrigerant or improper wiring; it will not only result in the poor cooling effect or will also become unsafe for the use. It may all lead to the damage to the compressor or other internal components. This is why scheduling an installation work with a mechanical engineer can help you to get a better assessment of what type, size, and extra components should be used according to your room structure.

Selecting a correct location for the internal and outer unit of an Air Conditioner

AC Installation Charges generally includes the service charges and the charges for fitting the internal and external unit. The larger the copper pipe carrying refrigerant, the higher is the distance between the two groups and hence more the charges. Thus, selecting a location, room size, and the place where AC fits perfectly are the essential things to consider during installation. Furthermore, installing AC at an improper place/location, or increasing the gap between the two units may hinder the performance factor. Here are certain factors that should be considered before the installation process:

Site for the indoor unit

1. The air outflow should not get blocked, or it should give out cooling air evenly or at every corner of the room.

2. Distribution of airflow should be uniform. It must not be limited to a particular area of the room.

3. It should not be placed under the effect of direct sunlight. More sunlight means more heat and more disturbances in the internal mechanism of the machine.

4. Should be distanced from other electronic appliances. Installation should be done at such a place where electronic gadgets like refrigerator, TV, radio, washing machine, etc. should be at enough distance that it all should not affect the wiring/have any electronic suction/fluctuation effects. It may affect the wave interference and can damage the impact of the remote controller.

Location for outdoor unit

1. It should be away from the direct heat/sunlight/rain. Heat flow from the outside/surrounding environment increases the temperature of the pipes carrying refrigerant and thus causes leakage or hinders the cooling effect.

2. The wall at which the unit has been installed should be strong enough to hold the weight of the whole machine and prevent the vibrations.

3. It should be placed away from the reach of creeping plants and birds or other small animals/insects.

AC Installation
AC Installation

Proper care should be taken while installing indoor and outdoor units. The indoor unit should be at a higher height than the outer one. However, the height difference depends on the length of the pipe, and the tube should be at least 3 meters. The outdoor unit should directly face the atmospheric surrounding to have the flow of heat straight away from the room/house where it has been installed to have less effect of temperature.

Though the charges depend on air conditioning tonnage, many companies are manufacturing and providing installation services together that further lowers the overall cost of seeking different services. AC Installation Cost may vary from company to company. However, there are minimum charges that are particular to an area. It is thus advised to check for the minimum cost and ask for the additional charges.

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