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5 Top Tips For Optimum Cleaning Of Driveway

Most homeowners clean their driveway with the garden hose and spray out pressurized water to clean the road.
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Most homeowners clean their driveway with the garden hose and spray out pressurized water to clean the road. This is one of the difficult methods to clean your pathway and it also results in wastage of water.

Optimum Cleaning Of Driveway
5 Top Tips For Optimum Cleaning Of Driveway

Thus, this is not an efficient technique to clean your driveways. There are enormous methods to clean your driveways in an optimum manner. These tricks will save your money and precious time as well.

Follow the below-given steps and do it as your spring-cleaning routine. 

1. Sweep It Properly

Start it with sweeping as it will save the water and bring out optimum cleaning results. You can use your old broom or can purchase a new one specifically for your driveway cleaning.

It is recommended for an outside room that is little stiffer and can easily sweep away large items. Sweeping the driveway before cleaning it with water can save your time and water as well.

You can stand for a long time with a hose trying to spray some leaves and branches off the driveway and not get very far. It takes a lot less time and effort to simply sweep or rake them away.

It also gives you a cleaner-looking driveway. It’s up to you whether you want to bag that debris up and get it away from your driveway or just leave it on your yard.

2. Find Out The Optimum Cleaning Solution

Now you can buy a cleaning solution at any large retailer or hardware store that can clean your driveway, or you can make your own from common household chemicals like baking soda and detergent.
It needs to be said, however, that a store-bought cleaner will often work much better. If you use a cleaning solution that you mixed yourself, then you will have to apply it to the driveway multiple times to get it clean.

It simply isn’t likely to be very effective, and you will end up wasting a lot of time that you could be saving if you used a cleaner from the store.

With any cleaning solution or your driveway, the point is to get rid of the grease and oil that builds up there, otherwise, it will damage your pathway and result in cracks.

If any crack or hole is visible on the surface, immediately call professionals around you like paving contractors Sydney. That stuff can become slippery and dangerous over time, not to mention an eyesore.

You need a cleaning solution that can cut through all that and get it out of your driveway. There are several solutions available that work pretty well, but you may want to do some research and read reviews before you make your purchase.

3. Prepare It For Chemicals 

Before you put down any chemicals in your driveway, be sure to wet it thoroughly. You don’t need to power anything, but just spray enough water to get the entire driveway wet.

If you want to forego the hose, you can simply dump a bucket of water on the driveway to ensure that the entire surface is covered with water. By wetting the driveway, you allow the chemicals you are going to put down to be more effective.

4. Apply Cleaning Solution

Next, you’ll need to apply your cleaning solution and brush it out. Use a scrub brush, grill brush or some other tough tool that can work the solution there. This is the most strenuous part of the entire cleaning process, but that’s how you are going to get rid of those oil stains and grease spills.

Work the entire driveway or just focus on the parts that have stains. It’s up to you how detailed you want to get with this part of cleaning your driveway. It is best to finish before the chemicals dry, though, as they will be easier to wash off if they are still wet.

We suggest cleaning during times of day when it is shady or there isn’t a lot of direct sunlight, such as in the late afternoon. You want to clean when there is ample light to see what you are doing, though.

5. Clean It Thoroughly

Now you can take out the hose and spray off the driveway. Be sure to get rid of all the solution. You will want to start from the top of the driveway and work your way down so that you are not having to rewash parts that you already washed.

You’ll want to do this when there is enough light to see the driveway clearly and so that you can ensure you get all the solution and dirt cleaned off.

Make sure you wash away all the stains as well, as most of them should be washable after you have scrubbed the cleaning solution in.

Once you have finished washing the driveway, you can look it over to see if there is anything that you missed. Look for dark spots and areas with greasy build-up. You may need to go back and redo those areas.

You don’t have to do the entire driveway again. Just focus on the areas that need some extra cleaning. You can also hire a professional cleaning company that focuses on things like that.

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