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Top 5 Simple Steps To Increase Google Page Rank Fast Don't Miss to Read

Everybody wants to rank on google. Today I am going to share with you some very simple and easy steps to Increase Google Page Rank Fast.
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Everybody wants to rank on google. Today I am going to share with you some very simple and easy steps to Increase Google Page Rank Fast. I have been using some tricks to rank on Google. Now I decide to write this article for my readers to share my tricks. There are many people who use free traffic generator tools to rank on the search engine. But it has some limitation. If you don't know how to use free traffic generator safely then your site may ban from Google. Anyway, read mine below point. I think it will be very helpful for your blog.

Increase Page Rank

What is Page Ranks?

Google Page Rank is what Google uses to determine the importance of a Website. It’s one of the major factor used to determine in which manner pages appear in search results.

Google Page Rank purely depends on Quality backlinks. So I am sharing a few ideas to make a Quality backlink for your blog.

Steps To Increase Google Page Rank Fast-Tips

1. Commenting:

Commenting is the very simple and effective way to Increase Google Page Rank. I used to comment a lot on do follow blogs. I made a list of 20-25 high pr do follow blog’s and comment on this blog regularly. I advise you to do the same as it is the best way to get Google page rank.

2. Social Media:

In today’s blogging world Social Media is having a big impact on blogging to stay for the long run you have to use Social media. By using Social network you can fly your blog in no time. Social Networks not only gives you Quality backlink they also provide you a huge amount of traffic. So don’t forget to use Social networks.

3. Original Content:

Don’t ever copy any article from any other website and paste to your blog. Google hates Duplicate contents, I never heard that any website which contains duplicate contents have got any Google page rank. So it’s good to write original contents because it gives you good result in search engines and viewers eyes.

4. Forums Posting:

Join 3-4 High PR forums related to your blogs. Become an active member and try to resolve the problems of other members in every solution don’t forget to use your blog address in your signatures. Some of the blog providing do follow to your signature link. Don’t post to any question or answers in a short time. It’s for protecting you getting ban from a forum for spamming.

5. Link Exchange:

Exchanging link with the same website related to your Blog also a good option to Increase Google Page Rank. But there are very fewer changes that those blog owners that have some PR, Exchange link with a website who don’t have any PR. it can happen only when blog owner know you personally or your professional relationship is very good with the owner.

At last but not least Work Hard on your blog Search Engine Optimization. Because this is the most important part of blogging. So now you can use any of 1-2 above methods to Increase Google Page Rank.

So what are your steps to get PR for your blog? Do share with us

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