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Improving Search Rankings Requires Planning

Improving search rankings is on top of many organizations’ SEO to do lists. There are millions of websites that compete for higher rankings.
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Improving search rankings is on top of many organizations’ SEO to do lists. There are millions of websites that compete for higher rankings. For this purpose, they chalk out a plan. The SEO team meets with the company management to explain how the strategy they develop will help with rankings.


A change in Google algorithms is always engineered to filter out the results of spammy sites. Many companies use paid links and use black hat techniques to rank themselves higher. If your site is not showing up on the first three pages of Google, Yahoo and Bing maybe there is something wrong with the way your SEO team is working. Outsourcing the work to an experienced company will bring in much better results if your team has failed to give you good results over a period of three months.

To rank a website higher, a professional company will look at the website with a technical eye. It will check the code and ensure they conform to the latest W3 standards. Both the link structure and site architecture will also be checked. The quality of the text along with keyword density also makes a big difference in optimization. All factors associated with rankings will be analyzed and then you will receive a report. Based on this site analysis report the SEO agency will give you advice. They may suggest you use rich snippets to get zero rankings. These zero rankings appear above search results and are the best way of showing up on the first page of Google. If you are an international business, you will need global optimization. You can choose to appear in search results in the countries of your choice by using geo-location codes. If you are a local shop, they will optimize your site for local search using the city name in the keywords. They will do social media marketing and bring you more traffic that will result in more sales.


A study of your competitors is important when you want to outrank them. The SEO agency you hire will also tell you what strategy your competitors are using to appear on the first page of major search engines. Most SEO companies charge a small amount of money as compared to the high salaries that your SEO team earns. This is a good way of saving labor dollars, getting a good return on investment and at the same time getting higher visibility.

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