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10 Facts About Pregnancy That Will Make You Think Twice

If you have been stuck in between a decision of either having a child or not having one then these 10 facts about pregnancy will make you make a fair decision or maybe avoid it.
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No matter how much amazing and heavenly does the prospect of having a child sounds, it is never that easy. It takes a lot of guts, spirits, and energy to make yourself understand that you are going to have a child now and that everything is about to change. Motherhood is a different feeling for many people and it can surely transform your life. If you are having a baby in a planned format or through IVF treatment then that is fine otherwise you will have to work it out throughout your pregnancy.


Many things appear less appealing than the prospect of carrying a fetus in your belly for nine months. You have to consider many things before you finally make a decision of having a baby.

In India, many pregnancies result due to the unaware nature of how you got pregnant. These unknown and peer pressure pregnancies are one reason why children are not able to receive the care and concern they deserve. Not only this, but you have to take care of that baby in terms of growth, education and overall development; something which is very scary to think of. One thing, which is true, is that there is never a yes or a no answer to pregnancy. If you have been stuck in between a decision of either having a child or not having one then these 10 facts about pregnancy will make you make a fair decision or maybe avoid it.

1. Your body tends to change a lot during pregnancy:

It is not only the uterus getting bigger to accumulate the baby within the womb, but you also are at a more prone risk of diabetes and obesity. Many women tend to gain weight during pregnancy and they are unable to lose throughout life. It is with every woman since you have to eat for the proper growth and nourishment of the baby. No matter how much you embrace the idea of having a little version of yourself, many women do not like the idea of getting fat.

2. You will be peeing a lot:

You will be visiting the bathroom a lot because you tend to lose control over your bladder. It is common for women to pee a little when they laugh and sneeze and your undies with be getting wet a lot.

3. Losing quality sleep:

No matter if you are pregnant or you have a baby, you have to accept the fact that you will not be able to sleep nicely for some years of your life. When you are pregnant you will be waking up after every 1-2 hours to pee and after you have child, it will because you have to put down your little one to sleep.

4. Going to sciatic nerve pain:

You will be experiencing a lot of pain and momentary paralysis due to your pregnant condition and that will make you hate the fact that you’re pregnant.

5. Craze food aversions:

This is also very common for pregnant ladies to start eating some things in a larger quantity and totally hate eating some foods that you loved once. These six food cravings are going to make you feel sick in your stomach and go totally cold for some food items that you loved before.


6. Vomiting is a part of it:

Regular vomiting is a part of pregnancy, a sad reality as well. You will be getting accustomed to the fact that you’re the new favorite place is the washroom.

7. Gagging:

This is very different from actual vomiting. Weird smells and tastes will make you feel like gagging which might also lead to vomiting in some cases.

8. Contractions:

Since your baby is increasing in size, you might feel a little nervous tension in your uterus and this will result in pregnancy. They mainly happen in the lower back and the groin area.

9. Constipation:

This is going to be the biggest problem during your pregnancy. You are going to be a lot of bloated and intense in your stomach. Do not worry it is normal for pregnant women.

10.  Nausea:

This is in combination with gagging, small aversions, headaches, fatigue, vomiting, and overall crappy feeling.


Having a baby is not going to be an easy process. Although those nine months are going to be the best time of your lives, there are a lot of things to deal with after the birth of the child. So make an informed decision.

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