The Untold Secret to Mastering Make Your YouTube Channel

YouTube's popularity has increased at today’s world. Many people are making money by making videos from their phones by making a YouTube channel for free. YouTube has made celebrity for many people working in schools, colleges, and office-work. Many people have the skills to show on YouTube, but they do not know how to reach their channel to more people.

YouTube Marketing
YouTube Marketing

Simple content can also be viral on YouTube through some special tips.

1. Add Facebook, Twitter Account to the Channel

Your social media profile can be included on the YouTube channel. The advantage is that whenever a person goes to your channel, they will also get your Facebook and Twitter accounts there. This can help to build a reliable channel.

2. Use of YouTube Cards

YouTube has added a new feature called 'Cads'. You may have noticed many videos watching YouTube also suggest other videos related to it. Using Cadres, you can show your own videos in any video. This allows a person watching a video on your channel can also view other videos. To use this feature, go to the option of 'Video Manager' at the bottom of the video. Click on the option of 'Edit' below the video where you want to use Cards.

3. Include a subscribe button in the video

The advantage of growing a YouTube channel's subscriber is that whenever a video is shared from that channel, they will be the first to open its subscriber as soon as you open it. By the way, a subscribe button is given below the YouTube video, but if the video shows it on the screen, it has more effect.

4. Keyword Use Very Important

To reach any video to more people, it is necessary that it appears at the top of the video search result. Most people know to include the keywords for the video, but they are not aware of the channel keywords. In addition to the video keywords to show the video in the search result, the use of channel's keywords is also very important. After uploading the video, keep the title clear and the details of the video should also be linked to the video. Remember, use keywords in the description that people search for more. Apart from this, the option of giving the keyword below details is also given. This option can include keywords related to the video. Channels play an important role in Keyword's Video Search.

 5. Feature Content

The channel's most popular videos can be included in the feature content. If any person comes to your channel, then the video will appear at the top of the channel and it will play automatically as soon as the channel opens. This will give more views to this video. To add a video to feature content, visit featured content and include the most popular videos in it.

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