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Tips Regarding Kitchen Renovation In Home

It is great that you are planning a kitchen renovation. But please note, that this area is the heart of the home. It is the place where women spend the most time during the day. So, the renovations have to be perfect.
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It is great that you are planning a kitchen renovation. But please note, that this area is the heart of the home. It is the place where women spend the most time during the day. So, the renovations have to be perfect.

Kitchen Renovation
Kitchen Renovation

Before going on the path, please read this article on tips regarding kitchen renovation at home. You can gain valuable information.

1. Another Washbasin

Is your family having a new member? Then ensure that the kitchen has a second sink. You can place the other sink away from the main cooking space and first sink. This option could be used during parties or family gatherings.

2. Cabinet Ends

Kitchen Cabinet

You can decorate the end of cabinets with royal designs. Ensure you speak about the coloring of cabinets to an interior decorator or civil engineer. He/she can give the best suggestions. In fact, the civil engineer or interior designer can give the best designs for kitchen cabinets.

You can lighten up the kitchen space by making the right use of cabinets and partition. Yes, we have given one option, but how about for a complete change? You can add a new look with wood veneer cabinets, high glass models and steel cabinets. The change can make your home kitchen look ravishing.

3. Light Colors

If you want to make the kitchen look large, ensure to have light paint on the walls. If you keep light-colored utensils on walls, then the kitchen will feel more open. On the other hand, If you opt for a dark color on the walls, the kitchen will look more compact.

4. Open Shelves

Open Shelves
Open Shelves

Do you want the kitchen to exude the ambiance of open space? Then consider having no doors for the cabinets. But ensure you keep the glass items and other valuable utensils on the counter. If you have ceilings ten feet high, then the open shelves with items can give a splendid look.

5. Kitchen Renovation at Home - Walls In Kitchen

Has the painting for the kitchen walls crossed four years? Then go for stone cladding with exciting options. You can choose from a variety of granite stone, red stone or other types. This option can brighten the kitchen walls.

You can also use granite stone to set up a new counter-top. Please note that the counter-tops made of stones are fire resistant. Another benefit - they are also scratch proof.

6. Flooring/Ceilings

Ceramic tiles have become a bore and out of trend option. The present trend is to replace them with Asian wooden floors or porcelain tiles. Please note that these materials are stain resistant and can add a touch of elegance to the kitchen.

7. Exhaust Systems/Lightings

Kitchen Exhaust

A kitchen should have proper lighting. Then the womenfolk in the family will also have happiness cooking delicious recipes. Whatever the renovation, ensure you keep the exhaust system proper and secure. The reason, the space in the kitchen should be free from moisture and heat.

8. Consider Adding a Mirror in The Middle

Do you have a kitchen with no natural light? Then have a mirror in the middle. They will help bounce light all around the kitchen. There are some millionaire homes where mirror tiles are used to light up the kitchen. Some interior designers place a mirror on the wall facing the stove.

9. Kitchen Renovation at Home - Floor Patterns

Floor Patterns
Kitchen Floor Pattern

Floors are the overlooked areas of the kitchen, but you can make the place seem more divine. You can include floor patterns or cement tiles for a better feel.

10. Lighting

Do you have a working old chandelier? Then make use of it in the best method. Also please do not forget that the lighting should fall on cabinets.

11. Small Appliances

There was a time when big electronic appliances were the fashion. And to include them in the kitchen, you need to have a large space. Now the trend has changed. It has become a fashion to have small appliances in the kitchen. And they are available in various shapes and sizes. With home automation and the Internet of Things, you can get an appliance of all sizes as per the requirement.


So, there ends the article on tips regarding kitchen renovation at home. But you need to take the assistance of a reputed civil engineer or civil contractor to make the adjustments. How can you select the best? In this era of the digital age, it is very easy. You just need to download the app of companies who offer doorstep repair services. For example, you have an apartment in Bangalore, where your spouse wants to do a kitchen

renovation. The best way is to seek the assistance of reputed civil contractors in Bangalore to do the job. Now download the app of the best company having civil contractor companies and select the best as per your requirement & budget. These companies will have verified qualified engineers in the team. Schedule a meeting, and let the company executive come to your house for inspection. Then you can have a discussion on the plan.

Tell him about the plan, clarify the doubts. If you both agree to the terms, then your dreams of kitchen renovation will become a reality.
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