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Take 10 Resolutions to Stay Healthy in Lifetime

We want to do a lot to keep ourselves healthy, but we cannot do it. Why should not we Take 10 resolutions to stay healthy in lifetime
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We want to do a lot to keep ourselves healthy, but we cannot do it. Why should not we Take 10 resolutions to stay healthy in lifetime. which we must follow sincerely?

Stay Healthy

1. Run Stress

Career and family responsibilities, workload, lack of time, increasing distances between relationships, loneliness and ambitions, today most of the people are facing these situations. This has greatly increased the level of stress in their life. Its negative impact is on their physical and mental health and quality of life. It is therefore necessary that the New Year should start with the resolution that there will be no stress on small things.

2. Negative Effects of Stress

Due to stress, the level of many hormones increases in the body, with adrenaline and cartridge prominent. Due to these, rapid throbbing of the heart, diminished digestion, affecting blood flow, problems related to nervous system disfiguring, and weakening of immune system arise.

3. Avoid Deadly Obesity

Obesity means that the body is incomplete due to excess fat increase in the body. The World Health Organization has included obesity in the top 10 risks for health. According to statistics, 10 percent of the population is suffering from obesity.

4. Obesity Damage

Obesity is not a disease, but it is a reason to invite many diseases. Among them are diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, excessive sweating, joint pain and infertility. Stay away from it and look healthy and young.

5. Take Regular Routine

Create a regular cycle of your sleep-wake. If you sleep at a certain time every day and wake up, you will feel more energetic and refreshing. If you want to change your sleep pattern, change it gradually by making a 15-minute change. In the same way, make a fixed time of food, so that your body will be accustomed to maintaining the level of energy till that time.

6. Add to the Habit of Exercise

Habit of Exercise

To be consistent with today's fast pace life, it is necessary to be healthy and full of energy. What could be better than exercises for this? This not only helps in staying physically healthy, but also gives peace of mind. According to a news published in 'Lancet', only 15 minutes of exercise every day can increase your lifetime by 3 years.

7. Keep Fresh Food

Keep Fresh Food
Fresh Food

There is an old saying that the food itself is the medicine. If you regularly take balanced and nutritious food, then not only will you avoid diseases but will also be healthy and energetic. Include fruit, vegetables, whole grains and fluids in a reasonable amount in your diet. Eat three times a day, instead of eating mega-mile six times a day. 

8. How Much sleep Do You Need

Experts say that we should take at least six to eight hours of sleep. Everybody has a sleep biological clock. When this clock becomes unbalanced, it must face difficulties.There are many reasons for this, such as stress, no physical or mental problem.

9. Give New Relationships to Relationships

Good happiness relationship is very important for our health. A recent research has revealed that those people whose social life is as active, they are equally happy. Being socially active keeps away from depression and stress. Sit down with your children and discuss them about the day. Go to the dinner or picnic with the family.

10. Get used to Breakfast

You need energy to start your day. The Breakfast provides the necessary energy to your body to work smoothly. Breakfast is considered as the most important meal of our day. If you do not have time for breakfast in the morning then you can eat in the train, bus or on the way in your car.

11. Set Focus

Meditation is called the brain dose. Meditation is a simple but powerful technique that keeps your mind calm and stable. All you must do is sit close to your eyes and feel deep rest. There will be some difficulty in the beginning, but with firm will, you will control the mind.

12. Pay Attention

It has also been found in many studies that meditation provides relief in allergies, excitement, asthma, cancer, fatigue, heart related diseases, high blood pressure, insomnia. Many of our diseases are psychological. Meditation helps us greatly in protecting them from this.

13. Do Annual Health Check-up

Health Checkup
Health Checkup

There is so much lack of awareness of health among people in our country that if most people look healthy then what signs of illness do not even go to check up, unless the situation is out of control. Medical tests are important, so that they can be identified before the symptoms can be seen.

14. Benefits of Health Check-up

Most people think that they are completely fit and healthy. There is nothing wrong with them. Health check-up for them is nothing more than a waste of time and money. Symptoms of many serious diseases are not seen in the first phase.

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